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Oedipus the King

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Test 1

1.  Sophocles does not explain Oedipus’ past in his plays because

  1. his audience already knew it
  2. he starts in the middle to confuse the audience
  3. Oedipus should strike you as a man of mystery

2.   The Chorus stands for

  1. the conscience of the community
  2. the common mob
  3. the audience’s reactions

 3.    An antistrophe is

  1. the letdown after the climax
  2. a character who contrasts to the main
  3. a verse in the Chorus’ chants

 4.    At the beginning of the play Oedipus the King, Oedipus

                   appears to be

  1. a harsh but effective tyrant
  2. a popular ruler, concerned for his people
  3. a king who has let his kingdom slide toward destruction

5.   The oracles are at

  1. Corinth
  2. Colonus
  3. Delphi

6.     Oedipus was asked to be the king of Thebes because

  1. he killed King Laios
  2. he married Queen Iocaste
  3. he solved the riddle of the Sphinx

7.   Teiresias acts as

  1. a fortune-teller
  2. a spokesman for the gods
  • a trusted adviser
  1. a holy man

  1. I and III only
  2. I ,II, and IV only
  3. II and III only

8.  Oedipus suspects that he is being plotted against by

  1. Creon and Teiresias
  2. The gods
  3. His wife Iocaste and their sons

9.  Oedipus left his childhood home in Corinth because

  1. he murdered a traveler at the crossroads
  2. he solved the riddle of the Sphinx
  3. he was afraid he would kill Polybos and marry Merope

10.   Oedipus is punished by the gods because

  1. he was denied the truth of the oracles
  2. he was a bad king
  • he showed pride
  1. I, II, and III
  2. I and III only
  3. II and III only
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