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Trojan War Essays

The different military tactics of the Greek and Trojan armies during the Trojan War

Overview The cause for the Trojan War began much before the Greek hero Achilles was born. Zeus and Poseidon tried to force Thetis, the sea-goddess to lay with them. Prometheus warned them that any son born to Thetis would become greater than his father, and probably rule Olympus. Zeus decided …

The Tragedy of the Trojan Women

In the beginning of The Trojan Women by Euripides, the city of Troy has been sacked, and Poseidon brings attention to Hecuba crying at the entrance of Troy. Poseidon lists the events unbeknownst to Hecuba, including her daughter Polyxena being killed by the Greeks in a sacrifice at Achilles’ tomb, …

Troy Versus Homers Illiad

When comparing the movie Troy, directed by Wolfgang Petterson, and The Iliad, written by Greek poet Homer we can clearly see that although Petterson has made an excellent film he has clearly left out certain aspects of the Iliad which really define the story. Both versions portray the Trojan War …

Historical Cause Of The Trojan War

What was the historical cause of the Trojan War (probably), and what was the mythological cause? Historical: Troy is a city that guards the entrance to the Black Sea, and so it’s likely that they were harassing the Greeks’ trade routes. Mythical: Paris stole Helen from king Menelaos of Sparta. …

Cause of the Trojan War

Agamemnon and Paris are to blame for the Trojan War because of the choices they made. Agamemnon wanted to conquer Troy but never had a reason behind it; Paris kidnapped Helen, the wife of Menelaus, and that made Agamemnon and Menelaus angry. This finally gave Agamemnon a reason to go …

Troy and the Trojan War

Troy was considered a mythical city until archeologist Heinrich Schliemann discovered the remains of the city in 1871. Archeological digs have brought up many truths about the history of Troy, and about the Trojan War, which supposedly occurred around 1250 B.C. The war is the subject of the epic poem, …

Trojan: Gothic Architecture and Word Meaning Word

What Trojan hero did the Romans considered themselves descended from? – Aeneas. What Greek historian described and explained Rome’s rise to power? – Polybius Who were the legendary twin brothers who founded Rome in 753 B.C.? – Romulus and Remus What three things did Polybius consider the main causes of …

Difference between a virus and a Trojan

1. What is the main difference between a virus and a Trojan? A computer virus attaches itself to a program or file enabling it to spread from one computer to another, leaving infections as it travels. Like a human virus, a computer virus can range in severity: some may cause …

Character analysis of Odysseus in "Adventures of Ulysses" by Bernard Evslin

In the “Adventures of Ulysses” by Bernard Evslin the main character Odysseus goes through a series of exciting and dangerous trials during his trip back to Ithaca after the Trojan War. In this story Odysseus is portrayed as an epic hero. This can be seen through the fact that he …

Wisdom vs. Strength in Odyssey

The Trojan army was slightly stronger than the Greek army. They had the god Ares, god of war, supporting them against the Greeks. At the same time, the Trojans had godlike warriors such as Hector and Aeneas. On the other hand, the Greeks had Athena, goddess of wisdom, to support …

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