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Iliad Essays

Outline of Iliad

1-7: Homer calls upon the goddess of poetry and inspiration (the MUSE) to sing of Achilleus’ anger. 8-52: Chryses, priest of Apollo , comes to the Greek camp to ransom his daughter, Chryseis , held captive by Agamemnon . He is insulted and sent away, and Apollo sends a plague …

The Iliad: Homer’s Respect for Two Warriors

Hektor, a Trojan soldier, must fight Akhilleus, an Achaean, during the Trojan War. Both men are regarded as powerful warriors by both Trojan and Achaean forces. Homer, author of the epic poem, also held great respect for both warriors, but respected them in different ways. Homer demonstrates this respect greatly …

Thetis and Achilles In The Iliad

The epic poem “Iliad” which was composed by the Greek writer, Homer, depicts the intimate mother-son relationship between Thetis and Achilles.  In Greek mythology, Thetis was a beautiful, silver-footed sea nymph and was one of the fifty Nereids, who were the daughters of Nereus – the “ancient one of the …

The Iliad by Homer

Introduction The Iliad begins with the story of Achilleus’ wrath and ends with the consequences of Achilleus’ vengeance. In doing so, the Iliad tells of a hero and his struggle to attain everlasting glory; but its themes are not limited to heroic deeds and events. Additional themes include the relationship …

The Characterization of Helen in The Iliad

            Often times, classical literature achieves its timeless, famous status through the integration of remarkable characters.  Of course, the methods used to form such characters are usually quite complex, but not always so.  For example, one might look at the character of Helen of Troy, from Homer’s great poem, The …

The Functions of Female Characters in Homer’s Iliad

Homer’s Iliad is a complex story of men at war, of heroic and bloody deeds by Greek from the Sparta and Trojan warriors during their ten year long struggle while the ascendancy swings from one side to the other. The driving force behind the events of the Iliad is the …

Characterization of Hector in Iliad

Introduction:             The Iliad of Homer, which gives a detailed account of the final years of the Trojan wars, has several characters.  But the story of the epic mainly focuses on two main characters, which will give the epic its main climax, i.e. Achilles and Hector. The Trojan hero Hector …

Comparison between the depiction of war in the Iliad and in Lysistrata

Possibly two of the most well-known Greek literary pieces in the world are The Iliad and Lysistrata. The Iliad is a poem written by Homer, who is one of the most prominent Greek poets, while the Lysistrata is a comical play written by Aristophanes, a Greek dramatist. The Iliad portrays …

Beowulf and The Iliad

When comparing the major themes of Good vs. Evil and Life and Death to find that the two themes are the biggest themes in an epic. The elements are present toward what the type of reflection and will be touched on all keys. Beowulf and The Iliad both have references …

The Iliad and the Odyssey

The Iliad and the Odyssey are two of Homer’s surviving works. These two epics poems are great works of literature that help us understand life in ancient Greece. The Iliad is compared to a tragedy while the Odyssey is compared to a comedy. The Greeks used both the Iliad and …

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