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Odysseus Essays

Throughout the Odysseus we see many good and bad qualities of Odysseus

Odysseus is known to be a great leader and these leadership qualities are presented in how he always looks out for his men. Although sometimes the advise he gives them is ignored and this reflects on the men’s stubbornness. This behaviour is seen before the attack of the Cicones. Odysseus …

Roles in the Odyssey and to Kill a Mockingbird

Women in literature are usually portrayed as nurturing members of society. Typically, female characters are shown as housewives, taking care of the children and the home, but the female characters in The Odyssey are greatly different. Female characters in To Kill a Mockingbird are seen in the background, providing care …

Outline of Iliad

1-7: Homer calls upon the goddess of poetry and inspiration (the MUSE) to sing of Achilleus’ anger. 8-52: Chryses, priest of Apollo , comes to the Greek camp to ransom his daughter, Chryseis , held captive by Agamemnon . He is insulted and sent away, and Apollo sends a plague …

Odysseus Role in the Odyssey

In Homer’s, “The Odyssey”, Odysseus struggles to return home not only to rejoin his wife Penelope and son Telemakhos but also to fulfill his duty as ruler and legend. As Odysseus struggles homeward, the idea of his true self and what defines him shifts. His longing for family and sovereignty …

The Children's Homer

                        Different kinds of stories have influenced us over the years. Some even date back to the olden times. The book, “The Children’s Homer”, written by Padrak Colum was a simple explanation of the tales and adventures of the great Achilles and Odysseus. He was a man of great strength …

The Odyssey: by Homer

When we talk about epic poems, no other piece of literature finds as spectacular a position in the Greek Culture as do The Iliad and The Odyssey. Being the author of both these classic works, Homer has influenced the ancient Greek civilization more profoundly than Shakespeare has influenced English literature. …

Role of Telemachus in “The Odyssey”

Introduction “The Odyssey” is one of the most famous epic poems of Ancient Greece which promotes the ideals of heroism, glorification of war and the power of the cunning over physical strengths. The poem introduces many characters which perform specific roles. Telemachus is the son of Odyssey and his role …

Homer vs. Virgil

In ancient Greece numerous forms of entertainment existed, the most popular being listening to the tales sung by the many rhapsodists throughout the great country. The epic poetry they recited enthused many Greek civilians. The people of Greece loved the tales written by the famous poet Homer the most. He …

Odyssey and Aeneid: Comparative Analysis

Introduction Odyssey and Aeneid are epics that need no introduction in the literary world. They are considered the greatest works of Greek and Roman literature and numerous interpretations and analysis were already based on these two great epics. Such, is also the purpose of this research paper.              A brief …

The value system of Homer in the Odyssey

Odyssey             The value system of Homer in the Odyssey is very well reflected in the book through the characters of the poem. They in themselves show us  the Greek mind over the centuries as life is seen through these persons, then we see life through their ideas .             …

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