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Neem Tree Leaves as Insect Repellant

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This investigatory project deals with the processing of Neem Tree Leaves (Azadiracha Indica) and utilizing them as insect repellant.
Expert analysis showed that Neem tree leaves are good and tested as insect repellant. These leaves can be found everywhere in the locality.
People in the community who could not afford to buy insect repellant could easily produce by just gathering these leaves. Neem tree leaves were pounded gently and soak it in a pot with water for 3 days, strain to get the clear extract, dilute with water, add soap and ready to spray on the infested plants. With this project, people will not worry to get amount to buy commercial products for insect repellant. It is only the people initiative, resourcefulness and patience to do work.

A.Backround of the Study
Botanical pesticides are secondary plant compounds that are extracted for use in pest management schemes to deter or eliminate pest pests. They are effective and less harmful to the environment since they are naturally derived.

Insects pests are one of the common problems among farmers wich caused low production. Unluckily, they could not afford to buy commercial repellant.
In order to combat or reduce this problem this study was conducted to help solve the common problem of the masses.
Ultimately, the neem leaves has been tested as an effective insect repellant.

B.Purpose of the Study

This project aim to prove that the neem leaves is an effective insect repellant to drive away insect particularly.

C.Staement of the Problem

This research study was conducted to realize the possibility and feasibility of utilizing neem leaves into usable insect repellant and possibility as an income-generating quality product. The major problem is therefor: “How neem leaves be an inexpensive subsititute as insect repellant

D.Significance of the Study

As a part of humanizing and socializing process as well as learning intelligently, everyone should be aware of the effect of an insect repellant and realizing the demand, necessity and the cost of available commercial product, there is a reason to be alarmed and there is a need to neutralize the situation by finding ways to produce inexpensive insect repellant.

Neem tree leaves is somehow considered as substitute for insect repellant. No amount of consideration has been paid off whether it can be used into something productive where as this life-threatening environment pollutant leaves has an alternative used aside from herbal medicine.

E. Scope and Limitation of the Study

This study limits its scope to neem leaves as an efficient
insect repellant.

Chapter 2
1 to 2 kg. of neem leaves
Mortar and Pestle
Used cotton cloth
String pot

1.Pound neem leaves gently.
2.Place in a pot.
3.Add 2 to 4 liters of water.
4.Cover the mouth of the pot securely with the cloth and leave it as such for 3 days.
5.Strain to get clear extract.
6.Dilute 1 liter of neem leaf extract with 9 liters of water
7.Add 100 ml. of soap
8.Stir well
9.Spray on the infested plants

Chapter 3
Findings and Observation
To test up the effectiveness of neem leaves as an insect repellant, there were 2 setups as tabulated below:

Number of
SetupsAmount of Neem LeavesAmount of
WaterAmount of
1.Pounded neem

1 kg
2 liters
100 ml
2.Not pounded
neem leaves
1 kg
2 liters
100 ml

It shows that the pounded neem leaves is more effective that not pounded neem leaves.

Chapter 4
Summary, Conclusion, and Recommendation


Through the neem leaves, the researcher were able to produce an inexpensive insect repellant, an alternative to some expensive commercial repellant.


Based on the results and findings, with the resourcefulness, creativity, crititical thinking and scientific skills, the researchers were able to produce an inexpensive insect repellant, the neem leaves as substitute for commercial repellant was effective


It is recommended that the neem leaves as an effective insect repellant should be used to lesson financial problems. It is therefore recommended that this study given a chance to be recognized and to encourage young scientists to become more dynamically involved and be concern citizen.

Furthermore, the product of this study should be promoted or more production and utilization and more future study regarding neem leaves should be undertaken to know the other benefits that could be derived from it. This will also served as a basis for countryside industrialization and base technology.

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