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My Academic Experience So Far Who am I

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In my academic experiences so far, I would describe myself as a reader, writer, and learner, all with different variations. These are all key components as a student in school. Even though some of these characteristics are stronger or weaker in everyone, we all possess these abilities. I for one am more of a writer than a reader because writing takes an imaginative ability compared to reading. As a learner, I strive to do my best in everything I do, and I will not settle for less. Throughout my academic experiences I have learned more about who I am as a selective reader, inspirational writer, and a hard-working learner.

Because of my influential experiences during my years of school, I have understood where I stand as a reader. I am someone who enjoys reading as long as it is not forced on me. I find that I only take pleasure in reading when it is of a text that I have chosen and of a specific genre: mystery, action, comedy, and realistic fiction. When I am forced to read, I have found that it is not enjoyable or maybe difficult to comprehend. Over the years I have also discovered that I could only read in the morning or at night preferably in a calm, quiet room. I take pleasure in reading along with gaining knowledge from it, under the circumstances. In my academic life, I have realized that I have an aptitude for writing and a way with words. In my opinion, writing is a thing of the mind that flows freely like a feather in the wind. The only thing that is holding me back is the pencil and paper. I have always cherished writing as long as I can use a computer to get my thoughts down. In elementary school, I have been complimented on my ingenious writing and detail that is put into it. When writing, I listen to my mind for what to say and incorporate techniques and strategies I have found in books. Such like I am to reading, I have the same relationship to writing; I love to do it, but only when it is of my chose and genre. As a writer, I excel in every written piece I create; just give me a topic and a computer, and my ideas will race to each other to form a sentence.

As a learner, I can relate to Howard Gardner’s theory of Multiple Intelligences; I am a bodily/kinesthetic, visual/spatial, and an intrapersonal learner. Bodily/kinesthetic learning is a common way of learning, for it is a way of learning by activity and interactions. The same goes for me too, and when I use my hands and tools learning concepts come easily to me. Also, I am visual/spatial because I need to see a picture or diagram to understand what is being taught, and the idea is laid out in front of me so I can see it. Unlike most people, I am intrapersonal instead of interpersonal; I think that working independently is more effective than with a partner(s) based off previous experiences. Because of these Multiple Intelligences, I have become an advanced, hard-working, and reliable student. I am a unique reader, writer, and learner which I have come accustomed to in my academics, and because of that I have successfully made my way through school. My personalities and qualities make me the student I am today, and no one else is the same. The more I progress in school, the more I will learn about myself with what I already know about myself is from past academic experiences.

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