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Most unlikely hero

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Back from the best holidays ever, now school. Great! Everybody was leaping off the buses as they entered the bus park, keen to see friends they haven’t seen in ages, others dozing off on the bus as they haven’t been awake so early in weeks. The playground was the meeting point; it was like a heaven full of gossip. Everyone was sharing what they did over the holidays and spreading secrets or rumours that weren’t suppose to be told. In the corner by the sports hall was Kylie, the bags under her eyes made it look like she hadn’t slept in years, her eyes half closed as she lent against the wall. As the bell rang, the shock on everyone’s faces changed from a chirpy one to a miserable one. They had just come to terms with they actually had to start working again.

First lesson. English. Everyone slowly plodding to their seats as Mr Brown opened the door and announced “Lets start of with a test.” What a way to start the year. I looked up to check the time thinking it was nearly the end of the lesson, but it had only been 20 minutes in. No one could really be bothered with the test; I could hear my brain cells knocking together as if they were nothing in my skull. I had forgotten all my knowledge over the holidays

Everyone was bored, “Please can I go to the toilet sir?” Mandy asked politely, “Okay but be quick.” replied Mr Brown. Mandy stepped out of the room, and took a big sigh of relief. Wondering down the corridor there was a light white mist floating along the floor like it was dry ice. She just carried on slowly plodding to the toilet to take as long as possible, so she didn’t have to go back to class.

As she entered the girl’s toilets the door slammed behind. She stood in front of the mirror checking her hair and make up, whilst texting friends with her new phone she had got for Christmas, which she was addicted too. She stumbled into a cubicle as soon as she locked the door the fire bell started screeching out its loud ring. Mandy’s eyes widened her face turned pale, as she remembers the smoke lurking back down the corridor. She reached out to open the door she twisted the locked but nothing happened, the down jammed shut, she could start to smell the musty armour of the smoke, slowly creeping in through the girls toilets door. She kept pulling at the door but nothing happened. She looked up and down at the door, and realised there was gum stuck in-between the door frame and the door, sealing the door well and truly shut.

Mandy started screaming “HELP, HELP!” but she had no reply. Everyone had probably already been evacuated from the school, and even if there was anyone outside they wouldn’t have be able to hear her over the defending fire bell.

Outside at the fire assembly point, everyone was lining up in alphabetical order, and being told to be quiet. All the students were starring at the school, as they saw it was on fire. They were all shocked even the people that hated school didn’t really want this to happen. They were all speechless. All the teachers were frantically taking the registers, running round like headless chickens, and they told us not to panic!

“Mandy Hampton?” there was no reply. “Mandy Hampton” Mr Brown repeated. Suddenly he remembered she had asked to go to the toilet, everyone shouting “Mandy’s Inside, Mandy’s inside!”

The fire brigade weren’t going to be there for at least another 10 minutes, as the road leading to the school was grid locked due to road maintenance.

Mr Brown decided to take matters into his own hands. He passed his register to Miss Anderson, and took one glance at the burning down school, and ran straight for it.

Everyone shouting “STOP HIM, STOP” but it wasn’t going to stop him. He was thinking to himself how to get to the girls toilets, down the corridor, left past the stairs, and right at the next classroom. He just kept repeating that in his head over and over and over again. He got to the building and suddenly stopped. He turned around looked at everyone took a deep breath and entered the black fog of doom. Down the corridor, left past the stairs, right at the next classroom repeating again.

He had to feel his way through the schools corridors, as it was black and gloomy. The smell and taste was unbearable. One breath of that air was probably enough for you to choke to death. Finally taking his last steps down the corridor, he came to the girls toilets. He entered shouting “Mandy!”

“HELP, I’m in here” she cried out weakly, whilst coughing.

Mr Brown used all his might and kicked the door down, he grabbed Mandy, carrying her as if she was a baby. He took him last gasp of air, before he set foot into the even worse thick swamp that lay before me.

He staggered out of the bathroom, and stumbling down the corridor he finally got to the door leading out onto the playground, which led out to the fire assembly point… he kicked the door, to open it as he had no hands to open it with, and lay Mandy on the floor, to let her get some fresh air, and to calm her down. Mr Brown fell to the floor choking, as all the musty smoke was in his lungs.

Most of the teachers and students came rushing up to the two victims asking if they were okay. They were all reassuring them that the fire brigade and ambulance were going to be there very soon.

You could smell the thick murky aromour of the smoke on Mr Brown and Mandy clothes, it was so strong, and you couldn’t have actually imagined what it would have been like if you were inside the school.

And I thought firemen where suppose to be hero’s. So much for an unlikely hero!

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