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Methods of Evangelism

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The evangelism method I chose to summarize for you today is The Romans Road. The Romans Road is one of the intellectual methods of evangelism. This method is a straight forward method as to why we need salvation. The Romans Road tells us who needs salvation, why we need salvation, how God provides salvation, how we receive salvation and the results of salvation. This method is sort of like a paved road using the book of Romans. There are advantages and disadvantages of using the Romans Roads. One of the many advantages of this method is that is very straight forward and to the point. Where that is an advantage it can also be a disadvantage. It seems it can be to forward. Even though you follow each step if you don’t confess with your mouth that you are a sinner and believe that Jesus Christ died for our sins so that we can all have eternal life then this method will not be followed correctly. Servant Evangelism

The Servant Evangelism is one of the Relational methods. “Servant evangelism is sharing God’s love by simply serving others in practical ways without asking for or expecting anything in return. The focus of servant evangelism is doing acts of kindness for anyone and everyone.” This is a perfect definition of showing kindness just as Jesus Christ would. We should all try and to be more like Christ and have a humble heart and treat others kind. An advantage of using the Servant Evangelism method is that you get to serve others and in that time you can share the gospel with them.

When one serves he or she should serve with love so that the other person doesn’t feel as if you are only doing it just say you did. We all should have a serving attitude just as Christ did. (Philippians 2). I see a lot of advantages in this method and very little disadvantages. The only one that comes to mind is that serving others can lead to you taking credit for all of the good that you have done and not taking the time to really know why we do it which is to serve our father Jesus Christ. Door to Door Evangelism

The other method I chose to summarize is the Door to Door Evangelism method. The Door to Door method is simply going door to door spreading the word of God. There are quite a few advantages to this method. One of these are that you can develop a personal relationship with the person that you come in contact with while evangelizing. This method was done back in the day. In that time more people were out spreading the gospel. Now that we are so caught up in soling focusing on being in the church building itself we have lost sight of evangelizing to strangers. This is where the disadvantage comes in, since this method has “gone out of style” people are very reluctant to answer the doors to strangers allowing them to miss the word that Christ intended for them to hear. Application of These Methods to Your Own Life

The method that I chose that I can apply to my own life is the Servant Evangelism Method. The reason why I choose this method is because I love serving others. I am currently in school taking classes to become a nurse. This is my passion because again I love caring for others. The nursing profession is one of the most humbling ones there is. I am working as God’s angel helping the ones who can’t help themselves. I pray every day that God gives me His guidance and wisdom to help heal these people. This method fits perfectly in my life right now. As I help the sick I can take part of that time telling them about Christ and how He is the ultimate healer, how He is the one to call on during your time of need. This is the best method to use to approach non-Christians because everyone needs help in their life which gives me the opportunity to share what I know about Him.

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