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Mentley Motors Limited edition

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Bentley Motors Limited is a British luxury auto maker and a solely owned subsidiary of the Volkswagen Ag. Planning, building, creating and distribution of extravagance engines are the fundamental exercises of Bentley Motors. Bentley Motors was set up in 1919 by W. O. Bentley in Cricklewood near London. Rolls-Royce Motors had acquired Bentley Motors in 1931 however since 1998 this brand has become fully owned by Volkswagen ag. The marketing strategy of Bentley Motors had been truly built up that the corporate offers the models of the autos through the diversified merchant around the globe.

This organization had been manufacturing the engines that are designed to be the luxury engines within the global market. The strategic management of the company allows the brand to productively advertise the models of the autos around the globe. Bentley goes after “high-price” methodology, and this Marketing Plan report will illustrate how Bentley enhances their deals and keep expanding their share market. Steps in writing a marketing plan The initial phase in creating marketing plan is to decide why potential clients would come you.

It implies carefully to discover the key to a client picking you rather than a competitor. Following stage is to recognize potential clients and also those competitors that objective your clients. Finally, need to have a clear idea of what makes your company better than other companies. Now that we have gathered our information collection, it is time to create a small marketing plan. Need to do the following:

1. Situation examination – SWOT analysis including strength, weakness, opportunity, and threat

2. Description of the intended interest group

3. Measurable advertising objectives straightforwardly address what you need to do, for instance, to grow profit by 5%

4. Strategies and tactics that you will use to accomplish your goal

5. Last but not least set the marketing budget SWOT and competitor analysis Strengths of Bentley

Hence, being expensive and of top quality solely adds positive points towards its differentiation Technology and R&D: All Bentley cars are created superior, above the technology of traditional cars. Their speed, endurance, and performance are legendary Brand Value: Bentley has high complete equity that makes them less prone to competition Heritage: A Bentley is known for its heritage. Before the Audi’s and also the BMW’s took over, a Bentley was still leading the market as an automotive. Thus, once you own a Bentley, you are taking a piece in a wealthy cultural heritage Weaknesses of Bentley:

Restricted Reach: As they are not trade in numerous nations and keep up their selectiveness they are missing out on developing markets. Developing nations have numerous rich and well-off individuals who can be their potential market, however, Bentley can’t tap this Long Waiting: To keep up their selectiveness and exclusive requirements Bentley just delivers a set number of autos only. A considerable number of clients need to sit tight for quite a while just to book their autos. Because of this, they miss out to their rivals like Jaguar-Land Rover, Daimler, and Rolls-Royce by losing their profit


Bentley needs to see this and do the essential changes to their basics and ride the difference in wave ? Expanding Fuel Prices: Increase in fuel costs is a difficult issue to the vehicle business, Bentley needs to concentrate on elective fills. This will fill this need and furthermore satisfy the ecological concern factor also Rivalry: Bentley’s opposition is more obvious on account of their advertising efforts. This can hamper their development and result in a decrease in sales Economy – A central point which influences all ultra-premium players is the Economy.

If economy goes south, at that point organization like Bentley will think that it’s difficult to continue remaining in a market Competitors of Bentley The main competitors of Bentley are:

1. Jaguar- Manufacturer of luxury and ultra-premium cars

2. BMW – BMW is mechanically cutting-edge and sumptuous product portfolio conveying extreme driving experience

3. Rolls Royce Motors – Premium status with eliteness around the world Mission

The main strategic mission of any corporation is incredibly crucial. It will offer a strategic direction for a corporation and its workers.

In theory and apply, these goals ought to be unbroken well in mind, and also the ways and action plans developed ought to be considerably in line with these major strategic missions. Any effective marketing plan required to contain an explicit copy of the organization’s strategic goals and mission statement. Bentley’s mission is to “build a decent automobile, a fast car, the most effective of the class. ” To be precise, the company is committed to providing a definitive and distinctive automobile and performance project and is keen on developing foremost fascinating automobile within the world of high performance.

This mission is well-translated and communicated by the clear features of all Bentley products, that are capable and target to deliver a handmade luxury, distinctive style, spectacular power and performance to make sure a refined and exhilarating driving expertise. Marketing and financial objectives of the product launch (Set 3 marketing objectives and 3 financial objectives achievable within the 6 months of the product launch) Marketing objectives Financial objectives

1. Target new customers-upper middle class

1. Increase profit

2. Enter to the new international market

2. Increase sales

3. Sustainable development of the company

3. Capture larger market size Marketing mix strategy on a digital marketing communication plan

Product- The classy British charm, combined with the strength of a premium racing car Place- Bentley sells the car models through the franchised dealers around the globe. China has been a really smart marketplace for this company’s cars. The corporate tries to enter into several emerging markets scattered across the world Price- The superior quality and luxury racing cars of Bentley has higher price compared to regular use cars, thus the company focuses on the satisfaction of the customers

Promotion- Currently the promotional materials, the product brochures, the decoration of sales room, the design of the website and the branding of the company is satisfactory In terms of a digital marketing plan, Bentley avoids advertising their products unlike Maserati, that’s why making the brand name more reputable. Bentley places its posters in the area where they expect their potential customers to see it, not in commercial places. Bentley also goes by word of mouth, where one satisfied customer passes on the good word to a friend. Distribution Strategy Bentley prides themselves on being represented in 212 Bentley facilities worldwide.

With 24 offices in the UK, 38 in the USA, 52 in Europe, 15 in the Middle East and 15 in Asia and Australasia, among others. Therefore with 212 facilities worldwide, it is within arm’s reach – for those who can afford it (Stevenson, H). Action programs to achieve the marketing and financial objectives Diversify target customers: Bentley should enlarge their market segment, means not only targeting rich customers but also slowly move to the middle class. Usually middle upper class is larger in size. There is no doubt that a significant number of middle class clients seek to purchase Bentley but the high price is blocking them from doing so.

Therefore, the company should implement a new strategy such as selling second hand car, as the offering cost will be lower, more individuals will have the capacity to manage the cost of the auto. Enter auto rental market: Many individuals might not have the cash to purchase a luxury auto, but yet they certainly want to hire the auto briefly for important life ceremonies like birthday party or wedding. Such a social desire is especially evident in nations, for example, China, where the wedding is a vital occasion for the two families.

In addition, numerous businessmen may like to lease the auto for a day or two, to upgrade the corporate pictures in engaging clients, bringing the client around, or just to come to at the customer residence for the negotiation. This is a moderately undiscovered market that Bentley should concentrate on. Word-of-mouth marketing: As selling events such a promotion, advertising is not any longer effective as a result of the settled resistance among shoppers, the corporate need to use totally different ways to boost the merchandise brand.

For this, the corporate will use direct sales executive, the leader in any corporate or alternative authoritative folks to advertise the corporate product. Implementation and control of the marketing plan It is vital to follow up and monitor the progress of the marketing plan. Two important aspects are to be noted here. Firstly, it is crucial to make sure that the key performance indicators or the measures collected for feedback purposes are valid and up to date.

Secondly, the constant analysis and marketing survey on the environmental and situational factors ought to be performed, and applicable changes to be updated to the marketing plan if the business condition changes. Conclusion The lowest risk and lucrative promoting ways for the firm are to keep up is branding, because the name of the Bentley remains the core competencies of the firm. To bring the corporate to larger heights, the corporate should produce a replacement market area, at the similar time, to avoid from the malicious spiral of the competitive cycle.

Bentley needs to remodel itself, from strictly delivering driving expertise to enhancing human experiences for the wide selection of the population. To solely positioning the luxurious automobile as some style of driving expertise is deficient, and risky, and also the automobile should be position as a noble and status category of symbols for folks be after for action and self-actualization. It is through entering into the mass market indirectly, which will enhance the corporate profit in the long run.

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