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McDonald’s HR Planning

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At McDonald’s, their staff area unit their is most significant asset. They provide the most effective employment experience for their staff so as for McDonald’s to attain their goal of providing their valued customers with the world’s best quick-service restaurant experience. They try hard to recruit the best, hire the best, and provide the best place to work.
The commitment to their staff is formed on the simple truth “We value you, your growth and your contributions” and this is they attempt to attain through their actions on a daily basis.

HR Planning
HR planning’s purpose is to see what HRM needs exist for current, future provides and demands of staff. to appreciate the McDonald’s service vision, the organization believes in strengthening their team and ensures that they deliver the proper skills and knowledge to the proper person for getting the proper job done. The strength, for creating the robust team players to shine under the Golden Arches lies within the individuals practice and Development Program

McDonalds’ hiring process

Each McDonald’s restaurant is in charge of hiring its own workers. Lots of recruitment avenues are used as a part of the recruitment method, together with the advertisements within the individual restaurants. it’s sometimes the recruitment manager of every individual McDonald’s restaurant who is responsible for holding interviews and hiring employees to suit within the job necessities in the very best way.(Human Resource Department, 2010).
The hiring process at McDonald’s contains of three straightforward steps. The first step requires filling up of a web application form, Step tow is an interview and finally the last step is the reference check, here is the detail explain:

STEP 1: Application form and quiz
In the beginning, the candidates are required to apply for the specified post by simply filling in a form followed by taking a quiz. every candidate can apply to a maximum of ten restaurants in single application. the application form includes a part demanding personal and a number of other details of the aspirants and another section comprising of a brief quiz comprising a group of multiple choice questions. The quiz section helps McDonald’s assess the knowledge of the candidate.

STEP 2: The interview
Incidentally, the previous step generates a lot of applications as compared to the positions available. All the resumes and applications are accurately examined and therefore the candidates whose applications look qualified are called for the interview via electronic mail. The interview takes place within the individual restaurant and doesn’t last for more than half-hour. it’s a face-to-face interview conducted to see the personal skills and competencies of the candidate.

STEP 3: Reference checks
As a part of the last step of the recruitment procedure, the managers of individual restaurants perform reference checks of the documents provided by the candidates as demonstration of their qualification or previous experience. once the reference checks are done, the managers choose the qualified candidates for different job posts

Source: Johnason, 2009

McDonald’s Training and Development
Each McDonald’s restaurant considers its crew members as their biggest assets. McDonald’s train thier members very well for higher buyer satisfaction. Once the hiring process is completed, the unqualified candidates are notified well in advance. On the opposite , the freshly employed staff are notified about the welcome meeting.

The first stone of coaching and development is to set a welcome meeting in what place the new workers attend the meeting at their belong restaurants. This meeting typically lasts for an hour. The meeting aims at participating and providing important information about the restaurant and its policies to the new employed crew members. A optical disc containing the necessary information and milestones of McDonald’s and its individual restaurants is contend throughout the welcome meeting. The screening is followed by a mandatory orientation program. the aim of the orientation is to guide every new starter about different aspects of health and food safety after that all of them needs to take an internet Health and Safety, and Food Safety test exam and complete it within the given time frame. The coaching at development programs make sure that the worker and McDonald’s are right for each other which the new starter is well versed with the vision and mission of the restaurant.

Career planning and development

The career development programmes at McDonalds’s embrace career designing, learning and succession planning. It trains around 60,000 workers each year. in addition to the present, McDonald’s additionally invests and dedicates a large quantity of cash to in progress employees coaching therefore indoctrination in them a group of valuable skills annually . It provides a beautiful work experience to all or any its workers. McDonald’s provides a job that offers never-ending coaching that proves to be a concrete career investment for every trained worker whereby they become well equipped with the mantras and elements of success. The career development programmes at McDonald’s combine an emphasis on individual growth and development. This helps workers in giving best performances and skill career satisfaction.

Basic benefits offered to employees

McDonald’s provides its workers some good advantages. There are over three hundred job titles at McDonald’s. workers operating under different|job titles that offer different salaries.For example in USA the concept of wage in McDonald’s is typically on hourly basis that varies between USD 8.5 (for a crew member) to as high as USD 44 (for a general manager). Quarterly bonus provided to every employee acts as the icing on the cake. additionally to this, there are numerous advantages that McDonald’s offers to any or all its excellent workers .
some other benefits like:

Life insurance cover
Performance bonuses
Health care cover
Company car or cash alternative
Around five weeks holidays per annum


McDonald’s provides immense benefits and compensation to all its employees. It provides worthwhile opportunities to all employees to develop and advance over many years. This helps the company appeal, retain and engage skilled people who could deliver solid performance and help McDonald’s achieve its mission and goals (Ulrich, 1996). The welfares and compensation offered by McDonald’s include:
Medical care
Dental care
Profit division

Sabbatical programmes (usually 6-8 weeks leave per annum)
Employee and family life insurance cover
Recognition programmes
Conclusion //part( c )

In nutshell, it can be concluded that the HRM practices at McDonalds and burger king is one of the key reasons for the success of food chain across globe. The career development offered to employees atburger king and McDonalds keeps them motivated, committed and satisfied from their job due to which they deliver best services. At McDonalds andburger king ,employees are given wide-ranging opportunities to move around from one function to another to get experience in all areas of business. The company has been undertaking best HRM practices related to promotions in terms of position and pay, service recognition awards and private medical care.

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