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Every organization has analyzed its strength and weakness. Nevertheless, the external environment is also the important factor that affects the future of the organization. In the environment that we are living nowadays has changed all the time. Therefore, it has to analyze on the external factors. PEST Analysis is the tool and method to handle the marketing, which is one of the well-known methods to analyze the external factor that affect the organization. This includes the analysis of political environment, economic environment, social environment and technology environment.

Since Marriott International, Inc. is the organization, which is given the service on hospitality such as the accommodation and restaurant. It has network around the world and its market-growing rate depends on the demand of customers in using service.

Then, external environment is the factor that must be analyze and pay much attention to be able to exist on this competitive world. From now, it will be the environment that Marriott International, Inc. must think of.

Political Environment
Marriott International, Inc. would not be successful, well-known, and reliable if Marriott didn’t bring laws and regulation to an analysis in strategy. The political in each countries has affected differently to Marriott. For example, some countries has the policy on health and the way the Marriott has non-fat foods and non-smoking room services, which is the same way with those policy. It affects Marriott in the good way. Some countries has policy on supporting the travel, this will support Marriott business as well. But if some countries has the protest like in Thailand – it affect to Marriott business in the bad way. Because of the unstable political, the foreigners afraid to visit those countries where there is a protest Economic Environment

The growing rate in economic that increase in the foreign countries, has bring Marriott come to more invest in foreign countries.
High gasoline price has affected to Marriott to stop the production in Synthetic Fuel, which affect to the organization in loss.
In addition, the different in currency between countries has affect to decrease in expenses of Marriott and bad in different currency rate in 2005. Social Environment
Nowadays people turns to interest in travelling more and more, also travelling in foreign countries; Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia, and America. To extend the network of Marriott to every country is the way to extend the business to increase the revenue in travelling, social, and culture that has different charming which attract traveler to visit.

In the USA, the number of retired people has increased, so Marriott extends that market to support these customers. Also the demand in nursery and house-work that has increased.
The demand of accommodation in medium and below level of customers has increased, so Marriott turns to make the business on medium rate hotel and save-accommodation to support that expand of this group of traveler.

Increasing number of people turns to love health has good affects on free-fat food service, as well as the non-smoking room service.

Technology Environment
Presently, technology comes to has an important role in our life. Almost everyone in every society has access to the internet world. People want more convenience to communicate. To be able to reserve the room or order the room on the internet has become a popular choice of people nowadays. Same as the service business, in this high competitive era, Marriott International, Inc. has brought technology into the management into the organization; online reservation system, computerized ordering. Marriott’s website has developed to give the information of the hotel and network around the world and be able to make the reservation on the website from every parts of the world through the internet, including the payment service through the internet system.

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