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Marketing Plan Unqilo

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For Part I, Group Presentation, you have undertaken a Market Audit and Competitive Market Analysis for UNIQLO. In Part II you will prepare the Marketing Plan, i.e., the ‘action plan’.

In Part I you have:
a) chosen a market (country) from one of the two regions (the European Union or South America), and b) undertaken a market audit and competitive analysis for the company in the selected market.

This task (Part II) assumes that you have analysed the product, the company, the market, the competitive environment, the competitive advantage, entry strategy, etc. You have also undertaken a SWOT analysis. It is also assumed that your previous analyses has provided, among other things, an estimate of the market potential and an evaluation of the strengths and weaknesses of competitive marketing efforts. Therefore, please use your previous analysis as a background to develop the Marketing Plan; i.e., to determine the extent of adaptation of the company’s marketing mix necessary for successful market entry and to develop the final step – the action plan.

The Task:

Develop the Marketing Plan for UNIQLO:

Information gathered in the previous set of guidelines serves as the basis for developing a marketing plan for the product/brand in a target market. The plan reflects in your judgement, the most effective means of marketing your product in the country (market) you have selected and analysed in Group Presentations. While a typical marketing plan would include the budgets necessary to implement the proposed plan, you are not required to address it in your report.


In preparing the marketing plan for the company use the following guidelines as a check-list to help you identify the correct questions to ask in undertaking the task.

1. Executive summary

2. Introduction

3. Marketing Objectives (a. specific marketing objectives, b. target market(s) (specific description of the market segment); c) Expected sales, d) Profit expectations, e) Market penetration and coverage)

4. Product adaptation, or modification – using the product component model as your guide, indicate how your product can be adapted for the market (a. Core component, b. Packaging component, c. support services component)

5. Promotion mix
a. Advertising (Objectives, Media mix, Message)
b. Sales promotions (Objectives, Coupons, Premiums)
c. Personal Selling
d. Other promotional methods

6. Distribution: from origin to destination
a. Port selection (Origin port, Destination port)
b. Mode selection: advantages/disadvantages of each mode (Railroads, Air
carriers, Ocean carriers, Motor carriers) c. Packing (Marking and labelling regulations, Containerisation) d. Documents required.

e. Insurance
f. Freight forwarder
g. Channels of distribution (This section presents details about the specific types of distribution in your marketing plan; a. Retailers (Type and number of retail stores, Retail mark-ups for products in each type of retail store). h. Wholesale middlemen.(Type and number of wholesale middlemen, Mark-up for class of products by each type, Methods of operation for each type (cash/credit)) i. Import/export agents.

j. Warehousing (Type, Location)

7. Price determination. (a. Cost of the shipment of goods; b. Transportation costs; c. Handling expenses; d. Insurance costs; e. Customs duties; f. Import tax and value added tax; g. Wholesale and retail mark-ups and discounts; h. Company’s gross margins; i. Retail price).

8. Terms of sale (Ex works, fob, fas, c&f, cif., etc.)

9. Methods of payment. (Cash in advance, Letters of credit, etc.).

Requirements and specifications

The overall marking criteria are as follows:

1. Extent of coverage of relevant issues
2. Quality of data collected and depth of analysis
3. Application of relevant global marketing theories, models & principles 4. Quality of report (structure, referencing, grammar, neatness, etc.)

See the handbook for details of the marking scheme.

Length of the report: 4000 words (+/- 10%) excluding executive summary,
references, and appendices.


1. Executive summary – After completing the research for this report, prepare a summary (two pages maximum) of the major points of your successful marketing plan and place it at the front of the report.

2. The main report – as indicated in the guideline above

3. Sources of information.- A list of references used in the research, in the recommended referencing style

4. Appendices – You may attach a maximum of three short appendices to your report.

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