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Marketing – 4Ps

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About the product, our product is an innovative backpack called AirBackPack, which is a backpack that contain a radiating system, it can keep the AirBackPack user cool when carrying it. And it can also discharge warm air, so that people can keep comfortable in winter too. We decided to introduce the AirBackPack to Gregory, a outdoor bag productions company, because Gregory have a good brand name in different aspects, such as the quality, Gregory have many special Ingredients to make bags, such as the “Aero-Tech Mesh”, a fabric with 3D weaved, this fabric have extremely high permeability, and it’s suitable to make the AirBackPack. Furthermore, Gregory provide warranty repair, if the bags have quality problem that damaged quickly, Gregory can repair it for you free or even give you a new one, this after sale services is a guarantee to customers.

For the price, a Gregory bag which is normal and have no special functions, is around $1200, after merging the radiating system, we estimated the price of the AirBackPack should be around $1500, and we coordinated the AirBackPack as a premium product, which means it have high quality and high cost, but not reach the luxury level yet. As our target segment is middle class, so that the price is acceptable because it is just slightly expensive compare to other normal bags.

Then, the place of selling this product, as Gregory have no specialty store in Hong Kong, the AirBackPack should be sold like other Gregory bags, which are sold through distributor. About the allocations of the selling point, we thought that they should focus in the shopping area of teenagers such as MongKok and Causeway Bay, because we are targeting mostly generation Y, so that we should put more AirBackPack in their sight. Also, as nowadays internet and information technology are developed rapidly, many people love to buy items online, we suggest to sell the AirBackPack through online shop, and people can buy it online and get it through the express delivery, which is convenient and save effort.

Finally, for the promotion, advertising through media is a good way to sell our AirBackPack, we can advertising by making a big banner in the place like MongKok, because as we mentioned before, there are the shopping areas of many generation Y, so that they can know there is a innovative product called AirBackPack. Also, we can set some sample of AirBackPack in the selling point, thus the customers who are interested in our AirBackPack can test it, feel it, and know the great comfort of it.

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