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Malaysia Case

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Malaysia concept has been introduced since year 2009, on 16 September 2010 due to the official independence day of Malaysia, the sixth prime minister of Malaysia which is Dato Sri Najib Tun Razak designed this new long-run campaign for Malaysian. The priority of the aim of 1 Malaysia is calling cabinet, government agencies and civil servants to emphasise harmony, unity among national and efficient governance more strongly than previous years. The aim to promote 1Malaysia concept is to encourage residents of different races in our country to work together ethically, stay harmony with the sharing of cultures and develop an efficient government. In other words, it means to urge people practice the national unity spirit. Is it the 1 Malaysia campaign ethical or unethical? This question has been question for the Malaysian until now.

However, there are great quantity of peoples still doesn’t understand the meaning. Many peoples distort the connotation itself and even created more and more chaos in the society. First of all, 1Malaysia concept itself shows no wrong. The purpose to introduce this concept is to resolve the issues that arise between every different races along the years. It could bring to us a considerable benefit if the concept is working successfully. Due to this, the Malaysia government started to plan this concept. Although there are plenty of loopholes in this concept, but still it is the management problems and not an issue with the 1Malaysia concept itself. Nowadays, Malaysia provides a seamless internet connection throughout the country to make the world now without borders. We can access the internet anytime anywhere therefore there are various advantages that can be obtained either good or bad. Without ethical in digital world, it can increase the cybercrime such as Internet banking fraud, harassment, intellectual property infringement and intrusion offenses. The violation of the property infringements and legal right such as software piracy, movie and MP3 illegal downloading, freeware and shareware; and also the End User License Agreement (EULA).

Therefore, we as 1Malaysia citizen should not follow these unethical ways. As this may lead us to the hacker as the consequences of us misuse the Internet. As an ethical citizen, we should avoid from doing this unethical ways. Example, we don’t use it in wrong ways during surfing our social networking, don’t text while driving and plagiarism should not be apply in our daily and also please do switch off the electronic gadgets when we are on the flight. Instead of doing that, we can share the true information to the society, as well as using the right language to communicate with other networkers. Besides that, we should not encourage other people to involve in fights, rally or other negative activities that might lead fights among the races and also respect the sensitivities of other races. As the result, we should be the example to other people and a civilized generation to reveal the future of ours to the next generation so that these generation will have a better life in future as we do not want the history to happen again as it had happened to ancestors.

One Malaysia has brought many benefits to the Malaysian especially non-Malay ethnicity such as Chinese and Indian, for example non-Malay student able to continue their study in local university. For the previous few years ago, non-Malay student have to spend a lot of money to continue their study in private university even to go abroad for further study because the older version of policy of Malaysia had arranged that only Malay student can continue their studies in local university which was much more cheaper than privates university or others country for further study. But now, everyone those who obtain flying colour in their STPM which is Sijil Tinggi Pelajaran Malaysia (Malaysian Higher School Certificate), a higher level of government test is qualified to register at the local university for their further study. This had shown that the benefits of 1 Malaysia that brought to the equitable between the races in Malaysia are an ethical campaign.

Throughout the idea of 1Malaysia concept, we personally believe this government policy is ethical and can work efficiently. Reason to support my opinion is due to this open-minded policy, government subsequently leads different races’ residents to begin accept each other and avoid racism issues happen as well. For example, three couples who held multi-racial 1Malaysia wedding in Kedah. Obviously, these three couples are from Malay (Azizi Yusof and Fadzilah Md Saad), Chinese (Lim Chin Keak and Ching Khai Juen) and Indian (M. Shankaran and G. Punisha) families. All of them wore in traditional attires and hence captured crowd attentions to take pictures with them. The greatest moment was they considered this multi-racial wedding as an honor and blessings for their marriage. They celebrated it happily although their custom and traditions are totally different However, 1 Malaysia campaign is a double edged sword that was anti by many Malaysian. They stated that the 1 Malaysia campaign is a trap that mislead the non-Malay Malaysian to think that the government is sincere equal the privilege among Malaysian but has no actual action on it.

For example, the non-Malay STPM students who obtain highest distinction in their examination unable to neither obtain the scholarship nor continue their studies in local university in the few years ago. They were helped by opposition of national political party to fight back what they should have. Finally, only half of the students able to continue their studies in local universities while the others were sponsored by the party to private university for further study. This had shown that the unequally among the Malaysians although the aims of 1 Malaysia is to prove that the equally among races in Malaysian which are the unethical of this campaign. A standpoint of the government, they wanted to treat all peoples, all races to a equitable situation. Based on this viewpoint, they are showing Utilitarianism Theory, it could say that the government willing to brought up the greatest benefit of majority for our peoples. For example, if our peoples can work together no matter what you are, the productivity would increase and economy status would go higher. Therefore, a fair and square scheme is utilized to all of the peoples Besides, it is also the responsibility of government; their duty is to unite the different races in the country. So, it is also can say that the Duty Theory existed within it.

Food is the first necessity of the people, but people is the first necessity of the government. No people, no government. From the statement, we could see the obligation of why the government wanted to integrate us until 1Malaysia concept is presented. At least, they won’t bring down the country- they still maintain their incomes. To promote this national idea, non-government organizations (NGOs) also do their parts. For instances, 1Malaysia Foundation and 1Malaysia Youth Fund. 1Malaysia Foundation targeted to achieve 1Malaysia spirit to serve the whole nation and people sincerely. While 1Malaysia Youth Fund is to stimulate the Generation Y who has the unpredictable ability to invent or create something new for the society. As conclusion, we strongly believe 1Malaysia is ethical and need to continue working toward on. Therefore, I hope all fellows can corporate and practice this ethical concept in daily life to help our country achieve the 2020 vision someday.

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