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Lord Of The Flies-Light Imagery

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Lord of the Flies By examining the last four paragraphs of chapter nine, “A view to a death”, in Lord of the Flies, Golding makes clear the use of light imagery to suggest the lost of Simon’s logic and goodness through the images of Simon’s body, water, sky, and sea creatures.

Simon’s body’s shows his logic and goodness. “Simon’s coarse hair with brightness” “Shoulder became sculptured marble” “his cheek silvered” “itself a silver shape”.

The water also shows the lost of his logic and goodness. “Lagoon”¦ stead of phosphorescence” The “the tide”¦ smoothed everything of a layer”, shows how after his death the water become calm. The calmness represents the loss of Simon’s logic and goodness. “The water lifted” shows how “sound of water was still”.

Sky also shows the lost of his logic and goodness. The “incredible lamp of stars” and “clear sky”¦angular bright constellations” shows the brightness of Simon. Also the stars represent goodness and that goodness is found in Simon. “Beneath the steadfast constellations” and “rain ceased and the clouds moved away” shows an ending and a new begging. The ending was the death of Simon and the begging and was the loss of logic and goodness Simon brought to the island.

Sea Creatures shows his logic and goodness too. “Inquisitive bright creatures” is an metaphor comparing the brightness of Simon and the sea creatures. “Creatures made moving path of light” represents Simon moving toward logic and a way home. “Fiery eyes” and “moon-beamed-bodied creatures” represent the end of Simon’s logic and goodness on the island and the begging of anarchy.

Golding uses light imagery to show the loss of logic and goodness after Simon’s death. He was a important factor in keeping harmony and his loss starts a new era of discontent. The many instances of light imagery include sea creatures, his body, the sky, and the water.

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