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Living a Healthy Life

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A key to having and enjoying a helthy lifestyle includes exercise and eating right. It is not a goal that is easily achieved and it is necessary to continue even when you have reached yoru goal. Not persevering in this sends your life back into a downward spiral. In, “Take Control of Your Fitness, 2017 “ Dr. Mercola has said that you should start easily. Getting up and moving around is the ultimate starting point. Even a small amount of movement equates to exercise. Although, of course, more is better.

An intense regimen is the ultimate goal of any person but, it should start where you are not going to injure yourself and nullify any help that you may ultimately have gotten. In finding a way to achieve peak fitness and a healthy lifestyle there are many ‘ideas’ based in scientific ‘fact’ that are out there. One instance of this is in a recently updated study on the best way to obtain a healthy lifestyle. While this is an advertisement trying to sell his version, Dr. Mercola puts forth some very good points.

For instance Mitochondria are found in every cell in our bodies. The mitochrondia produce ATP which creates energy for your body to use. They are suseptible to oxidants that can damage the cells overall. If this damage is not repaired, mutations occur and advance until they result in disease. Better health truly lessens the impact disease can have on your lifestyle. Some of these diseases include, diabetes, cancer, and heart disease. An approach has been developed by Dr. Zach Buss called a nitroc oxide (NO) dump.

It has been found to protect your heart, stimulate your brain and kill bacteria while maintianing homeostatisis in your body. Nutrition is by for a key factor in good health. It makes up 80% of the health benefits in general. If after exercise and daily activity you are still not losing weight it is problably linked to what you are eating. Good food lays the foundation ofr exercise to build on. Once your body learns to use the fat for fuel you are on your way to seeing a huge difference. A high-carb diet shuts down your bodies ability to use fat as a fuel.

Dr.Joseph Mercola has put out a controversle warning against many of the things we have been taught, such as the inaccuracy of the Food Pyramid which in his revised version he states that the things we have been led to believe are actually a precourser to bad health. His finings state: Grains and sugars should be avaided as they provide an adverse reaction to health. Foods should be kept to what he insists are healthy. Such as: Protein- This should consist of grass-fed, organic meats and poultry, ‘safe’ fish such as Wild Alaskan salmon, raw and organic dairy, and organic or pasturized eggs.

Fruits should be consumed only in moderation because of the fructose and shouold only involve 25 grams a day including 15 grams in whole fruit. Only healthy fats and vegies which include coconut, avacodoes, olive oil, butter, and raw High-quality fat in your diet is one of the most important nutrients to pursue. In the past we have been told to stay away from dietary fats because they promote obesity and heart disease. Because of these misleading statements people now follow low-fat, high-carb diets that have essentially destroyed the health of millions of people. Today’s recommendation is 10% of your overall diet. Dr.

Mercola insists that this is “…one of the most destructive health recommendations that have pervaded the U. S. food systrem because you need at least 50-75% of your daily calorie intake in the form of healthy fats. ” In addition leptin is a powerful hormone that is still a little misunderstood. From the way it is supposed to act, it is considered a hunger inhibitor, but the inablility to produce sufficient leptin can work almost opposite. Dr. Mercola says that Leptin and insulin are two of the most important hormones that will help to determine your health and lifespan. The two work together to control the quality and rate of your metabolism.

There are studies being conducted to find the true extent that they (insulin and leptin) and an enzyme called Janus kinase might help improve inflamatory and metabolic disorders. When your leptin signals are working in the correct way, they signal that your fat stores are full and this tells your brain that everyhting is fine and to shut down the hunger factor. When there is a mess up, your body has no idea how to hinder its need to eat. Of course the next big thing is the exercise aspect. Start with breathing in and out through your nose. This helps to keep the air that you breath healthy. A good exercise program involoves reps.

Starting out with reps of 10 and then progressing from there is the best way. Remember to breath and do not drag the time out. Do your chosen exercise no more than every two hours as it takes that long for the nitric oxide to reproduce. In reading this article I am excited about what this doctor has to say. But, whehter it is my own habit of looking for the flip side or just human nature that tells you if something sounds to good to be true it usually is. But, while I see where he is coming from, and the fact is that the average American is indeed overweight, my question is, if it is true, why isn’t it more noticably out there?

Why do you have to buy parts of his program to know the real truth? I have done a little more research into the leptin hormone. Two different doctors are approaching the truth about leptin. Robert H. Lustwig, MD, professor of pediatrics at the University of California, San Francisco and a member of the Endocrinne Society’s Obesity Task Force says, leptin is not our hunger hormone it is our starvation hormone. Each person’s leptin level is predetermened and genetically set. When people diet, they eat less, less food means less fat, less fat means less leptin.

The brain then rushes to produce more leptin. The majority of time people are not experirencing a lack of leptin, they are experiencing an inability to use the leptin they have. This is going to require a LOT more investigation on my part. I think Dr. Mercola is on the right track but I am not sure just how much to accept. I hope this gives you an idea of what he is saying and lets you know I will be researching further. Regardless leptin cannot be taken as a supplement since it is a protein that doesn’t actually enter the bloodstream.

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