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Lives of Jesus and Muhammad

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It is a belief of Abrahamic religions that since the creation of this globe, different prophets and messengers have been sent down by God for the guidance and benefit of humanity. In this regard, history witnessed revelations of various prophets during different periods that came down to guide the individuals and societies. Jesus and Muhammad were two of the great prophets that brought guiding book with them, and their guidance played a significant and vital role in their societies, and continued to do until now in the form of Christianity and Islam respectively. In specific, this paper will endeavor to compare and contrast lives of Jesus and Muhammad while describing their messages, and the impact that their death had on its respective religion.

The birth of Jesus took place in Bethlehem by the 4th year before the era or the ECB commune. Mary and Joseph were travelling in Bethlehem during the pregnancy and on the arrival, noted that there was no place to sleep. The couple stayed in a stable and the same night, after the long voyage, Mary gave birth to a baby named Jesus. When Jesus was twelve years old, He traveled with his parents to Jerusalem for Passover. During this visit, his parents found Jesus in a temple discussing the Torah with few rabbis. Extent of knowledge at that time was certainly above the average child of his age. Jesus performed many miracles while he traveled during his life. It is belief of followers that Jesus was a charismatic personality that cured many patients, resuscitated deaths, walked on water, and very symbolically, transformed few bread breads into food enough to feed many famished people. (Fredriksen, 2000)

Just like Jesus, Muhammad reconstituted the religion of God during his era. Muhammad born in the era of roughly 570 communal grounds, and is a belief of Muslims that He was the last prophet of God. His father died before his birth, and uncle of Muhammad became his primary caretaker, who was a shepherd, and so became Muhammad.

Historians have indicated that when Muhammad traveled with his uncle to Syria, a Christian priest determined that He was a prophet by observing certain inscriptions on his body. During his life, Muhammad worked to transport goods for a woman, Khadijah (Gregorian, 2003). When Muhammad turned twenty-five, he married Khadijah. At the age of forty, Muhammad went on a spiritual journey during the holy month of Ramadan and during this time, was approached by Gabriel the angel that informed Muhammad of his prophecy. Subsequently, Muhammad preached religion of Islam in Mecca and Medina, guided his followers, and fought few wars until his death in 632 CE.

Differences & Similarities in lives of Jesus and Muhammad

Jesus was the last prophet of Jewish people. It is believed that Jewish society rejected his prophecy and considered it a curse that resulted in massacre of Jesus on the cross that later became the symbol of Christianity. The Christians believe that Jesus reconciled himself for their sins and that Jesus is the literal son of God. It is a belief that such atonement of a follower will guarantee a place in the heaven. On the other hand, Muhammad was a person un-lettered, indicated by God as a prophet. Muslims do not adore Muhammad as God or something in totality, as compare to Christians that adore Jesus as Son of God. (Fredriksen, 2000)

In terms of similarities, both Jesus and Muhammad lived an exemplary life in this world and guided their followers with God’s guidance, as well as with their own lifestyle. On one hand, Muhammad reformed barbarian Arab society into a refined and pious nation during his prophetic life. Another similarity of these two prophets is the revelation of book, as both brought a guiding book with them that are Bible and Quran revealed on Jesus Christ and Prophet Muhammad.

Comparison of Impact of Death of each Personality

After death of Prophet Muhammad, the Muslim society divided into two sects, Sunni and Shia. One sect followed the four Caliphs after the death of Muhammad that ruled the nation politically while acquiring religious guidance from the Holy Quran. On the other hand, Shia Muslims followed the concept of Imamate that guided the Muslims spiritually, and had nothing to do with political or ruling. (Gregorian, 2003) In the case of Jesus death, followers of Christianity religion believe that upon death of Jesus, he was resurrected according to the Gospels, and he is now considered as an expected Messiah for the humanity. In brief, Christians believe that he came in this world for the deliverance of their sins with God, and has given the status of Son of God historically.

Message of Jesus & Muhammad

Jesus used simple stories to give advices and lessons to his followers. Scholars have indicated the Jesus expressed and spread the message of love for humanity. Jesus was more than a scholar; a charismatic leader and healer. He linked the gasoline of God and the man at, being divine and the human one. This meant that it could be a single mediator between the father and humanity, with its death enabling us to be reconciled with God. (Finegan, 1998) On the other hand, Muhammad gave the same message, but through references to Quranic verses. He gave the message of oneness of God, Allah, and guided his followers to live peacefully while treating everybody as brothers and sisters.

Although both prophets came down during different era historically; however, study has indicated that both spread the message of peace, love, unity, and goodwill. However, later generations misused transcripts and guidance of these charismatic leaders for their personal benefits that resulted in detrimental results. Conclusively, the paper has discussed some of the significant aspects of Jesus Christ and Prophet Muhammad. It is hoped that the paper will be beneficial for students, teachers, and professionals in better understanding of the topic.


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