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Letter to Lady Macbeth

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I am writing this letter to you to announce the wonderful news of my greatest success; I am the new Thane of Cawdor! But firstly I will tell you how this great fortune occurred and the events that had happened afterwards.

Banquo and I fought a violent battle.First we came face to face with the villainous Macdonwald; my heart filled with hatred as my eyes fell on his hideous face; his eyes were as red as blood. An evil smile formed on his lips when he saw me, he lifted his sword and was about to strike me when I quickly moved out of the way and stuck my steaming sword into his belly and cut the coward to his revolting chin, then I beheaded him.

Finally we fulfilled the kings wish , we had won the great battle. I was overjoyed at our triumph. Just as we began to celebrate, the vile Norwegians took the advantage and attacked. Me and Banquo redoubled our efforts and finally won the atrocious battle. I hate battles and fighting. Harmony and peace is what I prefer however as you know it is my duty to fight for the king.

Banquo and I rode home together in the scorching heat.I looked towards the heath where we were heading and I saw three unfamiliar figures. Suddenly there was a bright white flash of lightning and the clouds turned an extremely dark shade of grey; the sky turned deep blood red for a second then turned leaden grey once more within the blink of an eye.Rain poured hard as we headed towards the heath; I saw a bolt of silver lightening streaking across the gloomy sky. It�s started to become misty, within minutes everything disappeared within the mist; it felt like I was swimming in clouds. I looked towards the heath once more it had disappeared in the fog too, but I could still see the three figures shadows. I struggled towards them in the wind; they simply stood like statues in the darkness. I rode on and Banquo followed. As we got closer to the three figures the sky turned a dark shade crimson once more but turned murky grey again.

After what seemed like hours we finally reached the creepy creatures. They wore so withered and wild in their attire that they looked neither inhabitants of sea or land. They�re faces were greasy, yellow and crumpled. They�re eyes were like blazing flames. They had thick, bushy and overgrowing hair. Each fingernail on their thin hands was as shadowy as the darkness around me. They had warts on their long noses. They�re clothes were dull and torn rags and they each wore a muddy faded black cloak.

Each of them had her choppy finger upon her lips upon their skinny lips. They should have been women and yet they had beards. They spoke to us they�re voices were spooky and they sent a chill down my spine. They hailed me; they called me the Thane of, the Thane of Cawdor and the hereafter king. I have learnt that they have more then mortal knowledge, but when they told me I thought they were simply mad? Who were they? What were they? And what were they talking about?

They told Banquo his children will be kings, this confused me incredibly. I am supposed to be the king but Banquo�s children are to become kings. Why wouldn�t my children be kings? My head filled with questions. Will Banquo�s children kill me to take the throne? Will I become king? How will I become king? The king already had sons anyhow. Will these predictions come true? My heart burned with desire to question them further but they disappeared in thin air.

When the creatures vanished the sky cleared and the bright sun rose once more. I sat gob smacked considering the creature�s predictions. For once in my life I felt lost and confused. Where are you Lady Macbeth when I am in great need of your advice.

After a while Angus and Ross appeared immediately after the creatures vanished. They rode towards us bearing the great tidings of my success. I am the new thane of Cawdor. I was questioning myself how is this possible?!. Ross had told me that the thane of Cawdor had betrayed Scotland and helped Norway in the unpleasant battle. The thane of Cawdor is going to be executed soon for this treachery they told me. I don�t know what to think of this matter, and that is why I need you to provide me with help and advice as you are the only one I can talk to.How would I possibly be king anyhow? There isn�t the slightest possibility that I could ever be king. I may be mistaken but I�m sure you will know what to do.

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