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Letter to Friend related to Peer Pressure

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In reading The Peaks of Being a Wallflower about the life of a troubled young man who’s found new friends; in spite of, his mental illnesses that are a result of being molested as a little boy by his dear family member Aunt Helen. In reading this novel I became quit intrigued as mental health affects me in a personal way, along with molestation. Although, not all forms of treatment, and reactions from others are the same, normal, or legal in dealing with the mentally ill; however, based on both of my experiences, and a look at some research on these subjects, the books portrayals of Charlies mental illnesses is accurate, but the treatments he endured was a hindrance and flawed. To add, one reason I agree with the accuracies is simply because Charlies behavior are such as the static state about how victims respond to a sexual partner distortedly, and have bad views about sex. For instance, he was touched by a girl he was extremely found of, a lover, and friend to him without sex actually unknowingly triggered his memory of the molestation that had been buried; furthermore, is an emotional trigger of PTSD as it strikes when reminded. In turn, he wasn’t able to reaction to her sexual approach the way another may have responded without being molested. According, to The National Center for Victims of Crime, a child who’s a victim of prolonged sexual abuse usually develops low self-esteem, a feeling of worthlessness and an abnormal or distorted view of sex.( Child Sexual Abuse Statistics).

As I mentioned the way others often respond to individuals in Charlie’s condition, and state of mind is quit flawed for individuals suffering with mental illness. As studies from Cannabis Support have stated, “that the consummation of drugs if extremely harmful, as one could become extremely paranoid from weed,” which then leads into depression. To add, can lead to a dependent if used as a coping strategy. As symptoms get notably worse. (Five Reasons Not to Treat Depression with weed). Even though, a study was conducted to identify possible causes or risk factors for psychiatric disorders like PTSD, alcohol and drug addictions. The aim of the study was to identify possible differences between sexually, physically abused, or non-abused patients with polyatomic drug abuse. The conclusion, was 80% of the drug users didn’t relate to the fact of sexual abuse. However, there seems to be a positive correlation between sexual abuse and a more severe addiction to illegal drugs, as well as higher rates of symptoms with a negative course of the disease. Overall, my concerns within the street drug usage his friends introduced him to in a form of Peer Pressure. In turn, caused him to be temporally hospitalized with setbacks that his family overlooked; even though, he was under the care of a therapist. (Sexual and physical abuse during adolescences, and later drug addiction)

My purpose is to make one aware of how fragile one’s mind is after, and during traumatic events and mental battles; to add, the importance of how dangerous street drugs can hinder the mentally ill. Moreover, a strong support system with loving family and friends is the only adequate antidote for someone in Charlie’s situation. For instance, in the Mental Health.gov Let’s talk it says, “Having a good support system and engaging with trustworthy people are key elements to successfully heal, grow, and recover. Therefore, in Charlie seeking that peer group; in order to, fill that void of Aunt Helen he thought he was filling in Sam, and Patrick, As in developing these group, and meeting new friends is should be beneficial towards ones recovery; in order to, think productively.

In closing, the fact that Charlie was in such a weak state of mind, as a teenager after Aunt Helen passed lead him into Sam, and Patrick’s lifestyle of cigarettes, and drugs. As a result, this lead him into of a lighter form of peer pressure that somewhat gave him life. According to Webster Dictionary Peer Pressures a feeling that one must do the same things as others people of one’s age, and social group; in order to, be liked or respected by them. Coincidently, this is the prime reason that Charlie took his first cigarette and street drug. Unfortunately, his newly found friends were unaware of Charlies past, and mental state of mind when they allowed him to smoke with them. The usage turned excelled, and Charlie continued to be hinder himself to the extent that proved extremely harmful. In turn, he was often left in a deeper state of depression, fast thought, rushed sweats, flashbacks, nightmares, proves Charlies accurate representation of PTSD, Anxiety, and Depression, which according the Foundation Recovery Network to is a dual diagnosis, after he was molested. That a lot of people who have PTSD actually do turn to drug, or alcohol as a way to numb their pain, or to gain some measure of control. (Foundation Recovery Network) Finally, afterwards the smoking, and street drug usage increased for Charlie when, as he began self-medicating. For example, he began coping by walking the mall while intoxicated, which is a small closing example of how ineffective, and harmful they was to one suffering with mental health.

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