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Lesson Plan in Soil Erosion

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1. To define soil erosion.
2. To determine the causes and effects of soil erosion.
3. To recognize the importance of soil resources to all inhabitants.

Topic: Soil Erosion

Reference: www.wikipedia.org/wiki/erosion
Materials: basin, soil, water, plastic, cans with small holes, cartolina, manila paper, and electric fan.

Lateral Integration: English

Values: Integration: Valuing resources in response to environmental issues.

Science Ideas:
Soil erosion is the process by which soil and rock are removed from Earth’s surface by natural processes such as wind or water flow, and transported and deposited to other locations. This is primarily caused by massive cutting of trees.

The major effects of soil erosion include loss of soil nutrients, and floods.

Science Processes: Observing, inferring, identifying, analyzing, and concluding

A. Awareness:
1. Prayer
2. Checking of attendance
3. Show video about landslide.
Ask the students’ idea about the topic for the day.
B. Activity:
1. Divide the class into 5 groups.
2. Ask the group to choose their leader.
3. Distribute the task cards and the materials to each group. 4. After 5 minutes, ask the group to state their observation.

Group 1: Rain (cause)
1. Form a mountain out of the soil. Place it in the center of the basin. 2. Hold the can (with holes), position it on top of the mountain. Continuously pour water into the can. 3. Observe what happens to the soil.

Group 2: Wind (cause)
1. Form a mountain out of the soil. Place it at the center of the basin. 2. Position the electric fan closer into the soil.
3. Slowly blow air to the soil (Press button #1). Then, strongly blow air into the soil (press button #3). Observe what happens to the soil particles. Group 3: Clearing away trees (cause)
1. You are given a set of soil with plants, and a set which has no plants. Create 2 mountains out of the soil. 2. Position the electric fan to the first and second mountains. Compare what happens to the soil particles as air blows on them. 3. Water the 2 mountains using the can with holes. Compare what happens to the soil particles in each of the mountains when you water it. Group 4: Loss of soil nutrients (effect)

1. Form a mountain out of the soil. Sprinkle organic materials on top of it. 2. Water the mountain using a can with holes.
3. Observe what happens to the organic materials as you water it. Group 5: Floods (effect)
1. Scatter the soil evenly unto the basin.
2. Water the soil using a can with holes. Consume all the water that is in the bottle. 3. Observe what happens after you pour all the water to the soil.

1. What have you observed with the soil particles when you watered the mountain? How did the water affect the appearance of the mountain you’ve made? 2. What happened to the soil particles when slow air was blown into them? How about when strong air blew into the mountain? Did the air move the soil particles? 3. What have you observed when strong air blew unto the 2 mountains? How about pouring water unto the mountains? Which among the 2 mountains have resisted the water and wind? What is the role of plants there? 4. After pouring water to the mountain, what happened to the organic materials? Were they carried away? What do you think will happen to the soil if organic materials will be eroded? 5. What have you observed when much water was poured into the soil? Did the soil absorb all the water?

1. What is soil erosion?
2. What are the causes of soil erosion?
3. What are its effects?

1. Recall the tragic video that I have shown you earlier about the massive landslide incident. If you were there 5 years before the tragedy happened, what things will you do to prevent the tragedy from occurring? Why? 2. As second year students, what do you think is the best way to minimize the impact of soil erosion in our country?

Direction: read each sentence carefully. Choose the letter of the best answer.

1. Which of the following is most likely to be the result of soil erosion? a. Loss of lives and properties
b. Loss of work
c. Increase in epidemic cases
d. Increase in food production
2. How does the vegetation covering the hillside minimize soil erosion? a. It beautifies the hillside to attract visitors
b. It absorbs excess water to prevent flood
c. The leaves give shade to protect anyone from UV rays
d. The roots hold rocks and soil in place
3. What is the best practice in conserving our soil resources from erosion?
a. Using organic fertilizers in farms
b. Planting vegetables in the mountain
c. Planting large trees on hillsides
d. Building houses on top of the mountains

4. Which of the following contributed to soil erosion?
a. Massive cutting of trees
b. Hurricane
c. Human activities
d. All of the above
5. Which of the following illustrates soil erosion?
a. Breaking of rocks into pieces
b. Water storage
c. Forest fires
d. Exposure of the bedrock layer

Write your own way to help prevent soil erosion.

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