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Lan-Based Payroll System

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PEACEKEEPER SECURITY and INVESTIGATION AGENCY started their operations in October 1985 as a single proprietorship. They became incorporated in July 16, 1986, and have since operated as PEACEKEEPER SECURITY and INVESTIGATION AGENCY, INC. in October 1997, a new group composed of employees who helped run the agency through the years, bought the company. These young people all of whom rose from the rank shared their expertise and considerable experience and together they form the new PEACEKEEPER organization determined to establish its niche in the industry as the “agency with a difference”. The company is headed by President and General Manager Eduardo L. Pestaño, a Certified Security Professional (CSP), a member of the Philippine Society for Industrial Security (PSIS) , and is bounded by his thirty-two solid years of experience in security work which enables him to execute the daily operation of the agency. Assisting him is Chairman Henry P. Himantog, a Business Administrator and Law graduate with thirty one years’ of experience in the field of security, and Vice President Rodolfo V. dela Cruz, a Certified Public Accountant and also a Law graduate, with twenty three years’ of experience in the industry. PEACEKEEPER specializes in commercial and industrial guarding, and develops expertise in Surveillance and Detection, Background Investigation, and VIP Security.

It has a SPECIAL ACTION TEAM (SAT) trained in civil disturbances control whose members are crowd control veterans experienced in the proper management of labor related disturbances, i.e. Strikes and Lock-outs, pickets, etc. The administration pays a lot of time and effort into keeping track of all their employee data, files, and information. Calculations of salaries and hourly remunerations, bonuses, sick leaves, benefits, taxes, and deductions are also part of their duties, so keeping documented files filled track records for each and every employee has been the story for the company. It is highly important for the Agency to maintain the confidentiality of its files and information. Therefore the proponents would like to give them the assurance that no one, aside from the authorized user(s), can access and/or harm their files. Due to the overcrowding of files, employees had a hard time finding the right data they’re looking for.

But because of the automated system they can easily look for specific data / information in seconds. Also, the agency’s monitoring system is vital to its operation therefore if we can maintain a good monitoring system, the quality level of the agency will greatly be increased. With system upgrade and enhancement, the agency would be able to ride along the fast-paced technology, giving their clients excellence service when and where they need it. In our ever-changing world, it is out most important to provide best quality service in every aspect without compromising even the tiniest part of the business. The accuracy and efficiency of the system will prevent loopholes and discrepancies in the management.

The proposed system consists of the following modules:
Only the Administrator has access to the whole system. The Administrator will have own username and password. If the employee will log in and enter incorrect username or password, their will be given three chances to re-enter the correct username and password. If the user forgot his password the system will ask them a secret question to retrieve the forgotten password. The employee has a limited access to the system. The user can only see the entire attendance but it will be restricted in editing it.

To be able to utilize the automated system, an employee must register and fill-up the required data first. To register, an employee must provide personal information (e.g. employee number, position, address and etc.) to the Administrator so they can fill in the form. Afterwards the Administrator will ask the new user to enter the username and password to access the system. The password should be re-entered in order to confirm it. Forgot password facility will be provided to handle forgotten passwords. A pertinent question will be asked to give the employee a hint to recall his / her forgotten password. After the administrator verifies the registration, the employee then can access the system.

E-201 File
This part of the system will be the storage of all the information of each employee. All files and data will be gathered and put it in one place in the system. The gathered file and data will be place in the memory of the computer.

Time-in and Time-out
After the employees are registered, the system will be responsible for the monitoring of attendance. Every time an employee goes to work they must time in on the system. The system records the time-in and time-out of each employee. The system also records the number of working hours, tardiness, and absences of the employee.

Everything that the employee contributes to the agency will be recorded. In this module anyone has a chance to view their own records. As a part of the payroll system is to provide the employee’s detailed breakdown of his/her net monthly salary, including all deductions and additional income. The system will also show the attendance status of each employee. It also provides printing or report form of salary or pay slip, as well as the consolidated salary expenses, SSS, Philhealth, Pag-IBIG, taxes, additional income, and deductions.

Salary Adjustments
There are two types in adjusting salary. One is a general adjustment that applies to the entire salary structure (i.e., salary scale) and is applicable to all employees at and below the maximum of the salary range of their position and is not contingent on performance or service in a position. The second type of adjustment is known as step progression. Employees compensated at step seven or below in the salary range of their position are normally eligible for a one step increase in salary once a year based on a combination of satisfactory performance and service in their position. Employees whose performance does not fully meet expectations may be denied a step increase.

Salary Computation
In this module the administrator can monitor or check if the computations of each employee’s salary are correct. The system will automatically compute the gross, net income, salary, and deduction of each employee. Employees’ wages will be computed based on their position, number of working hours, bonuses, over-time pay and deduction incurred from tardiness, unpaid leaves and absences. If one of the employee’s salary computations is wrong, the administrator can fix it immediately using the maintenance module.

System will automatically back-up files on the hard drive in case of emergency. Administrator can also add / edit some information in the system. Schedule of back-up on payroll computation will be done as soon as payroll is completed. Schedule of back-up on time keeping will be done twice a day.

This module will be the user’s guide in using the system. It displays sets of instructions that will help the users understand more about the system. It will serve as reference manual.

Importance of the Study
This study will be a significant endeavor in promoting good work environment in the workplace and motivations of its employees. This study will also be beneficial to the students and instructors in strategic management, corporate strategies when they employ effective learning in their classroom setting particularly in different concepts related to the use of effective human resources management. By understanding the needs of the students and benefits of quality education, these instructors and students be assured of a competitive advantage. Moreover, this research will provide recommendations on how to evaluate the performance of a certain institution in accordance to human resources management.

Target User Beneficiaries
The target user of these proposed system are the employees which is designated in different sites. Having an online service like this is very helpful to them because they can easily monitor their own attendance and also computes their deductions and salaries.

Software Development Tools to be Used:
The proponents will be using Visual Basic .NET 2008 as the front-end because it has features where they can edit and continue and My is a new feature in Visual Basic .NET 2008 that puts commonly used functionality at your fingertips and reduces the number of lines of code that you have to write. And as the back-end we will be using Microsoft Access 2003. Visual Basic .NET 2008, when used with the Microsoft .NET Framework, provides a number of tools and related technologies that can/might help you to create Web applications for Access databases much more easily than VBA or even Visual Basic.

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