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Jose Rizal: A National Hero

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What can I learn from Rizal works and writings?

A Rizal works or subject is designed to familiarize the student with Rizal’s role in the development of the Philippines progress. It includes the schooling of Rizal here and in abroad, his travels in different countries, and his family background how he will become a national hero.

I learned from him that the time is very important because, for Rizal he never wasted his time to those unimportant things and that is right. He wrote different poetry’s which are reflected on what things he experienced, feelings that he wanted to write every time he had a free time. He is very dedicated in his study he took a lot of subjects, courses, and philosophies that can make him a brilliant Filipino citizen. In his school life he tried his very best to become an emperor in the class which means the person who had a highest grades in the class. His works and writings can give lessons to us it shows that all Filipino people are not an idiot like what other citizens called to us. It’s an honor for me that Jose Rizal fights our freedom and our right being a Filipino. His works and writings are ways to develop our nationality in accordance with law as exercising the field of learning. His always positive in life whatever happen he considered this only a challenge from God, and he faces it for his family. I learned that if you wish to achieve your goals in life just focus, trust yourself, and be like Rizal who’s always took reading, writing and did a lot of good things in order to be a better man and useful citizens.

What traits of Rizal are difficult to initiate and how will I be able to imitate them?

Journalist – Rizal is an authorized of many articles in Spanish, English and London.
I will be able to imitate this, I think I need to read more books, take a lesson in English, Spanish and London languages. I will set my time regularly in reading and writing so I can exercise my skills and practicing it in a good manner. I will not go to sleep early and lessen my free time. I will get a subject about this course and put attention on it. I’ll also put
a lot of efforts to accomplish what Rizal’s achieved and study hard as well.

Traveler – he travelled around the world three times.
We all know that in every travel we make it involves money, so how can we travels if we don’t have enough money for that. For me, I will be able to work until I earn more money’s to be able to go in different countries.

Sociologist – in Rizal’s study of Philippines social problems, he always encouraged and introduced solutions.
It is difficult to imitate because, it’s a hard thing for me to communicate or mingle with others. I’m actually shy and discomfort to the people around me. I will be able to imitate this traits of Rizal by facing my fears in life, to be familiarize in everything, avoid being ignorant and be competitive individual’s.

What can I contribute to the transformation of the Philippines?

In Politics– I will vote people who are not corrupt and I know that the person I vote have faith to God, so he /she can refuse themselves to do bad things in our country. I will suggest to the president of the Philippines that don’t put an exemption or consideration in all politicians and itself that if one of them made wrong or crime in law, he/she may discharge in politics and it must face his/her obligation and to pay what he did. If I’m giving a chance to make a law, I will make Free Schooling Law which can help to all people to have education and all of us will be having a job, so we can handle our family well by that no one can experience poverty.

In Social Economic – if I have business, I will pay right taxes so I may not consider myself as tax evader because, this is one of the big problems in our country. I purposively encourage some Filipino people in entrepreneur skills activity, so they can make own business to provide their everyday needs. On this they may avoid hold-upping, snatching, smuggling, drug trafficking and other unethical doing which is not good in one country. I only buy products which is Filipino made to give them a pleasure and to grow our economic rate to become a progressive country.

In Religion – attending mass every week, respect all people specially the elders. Love your family as what you love yourself, help people who are in need help them as you can, share your blessings because the more you give the more blessings you can get from God.

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