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JetBlue Airways Corporation

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JetBlue Airways Corporation, Jetblu for short, is one of the biggest air treval company in the United States. JetBlu is the 6 largerst airline in America. The company is headquartered in the Long Island City neighborhood of the New York City, with its main base at John F. Kennedy International Airport. It also maintains corporate offices in Cottonwood Heights, Utah and Orlando, Florida. During it operation, JetBlu has faced up with many tragedies and problems. Typicaly is thr problematic flight happened in Valentine day February 14, 2007.

Most people thought that misfortune even put an end for the airline. Nonetheless, JetBlue not only survive, but it growing, earns profit and become the favorite airline of many people. So we wonder what is the secret behind JetBlu phenomenon. Throughout the company case ‘’ JetBlue: Delighting Customers Through Happy Jetting ‘’ with five discursive questions, we will reveal JetBlu strategy lead to their astounding achivements. The first question is “ give examples of needs, wants, and demands that JetBlue customers demonstrate, differentiating these three concepts.

What are the implications of each for JetBlue’s practices? “ . To answer this query, first step we have to define what is need, wants and demands of customer. ’’ Human need are sates of felt deprivation ‘’. For instance we needs basic thing to support life like food, clothing, shelter and safety, more complex is social needs for belonging and affertion and the last is individual needs for knowledge and self-expression. And when we attach need to culture and individual personality, we have wants. For example Vietnamese needs food but wants noodle, rice, glutinous-rice wine.

Whereas Japanese people needs food but want sushi, ramen, and sake wine. Then if people have buying power, wants turn into demands. Given their wants an ablitily to gain it, people demand product or service that satisfy them the most. For a better understanding distinctive between these three concept is remembering in your mind that everyone need something , but they can deisre unlike things to fulfil the same needs. In conclusion, wants are just feelings, you must have necessary resources to turn those wants into demands.

Now back to the main point, what is the needs,wants and demands of JetBlu clients. As we can easily recognize that the fundamental need of the consumers in the JetBlue case study is to travel by plane as much safety and comfortalbe as possible. Starting from the very beginning of the first communication between JetBlue company and their costumer when people booking tickets, to check in the airport, go on plane an travel until finally arrive to the destination without scratch.

What consumers want is from the side of various facilities that people wish to access to such as food and beverages, seats are relieved, there is free wifi conection, entertainment facilities and music through the LCD screen, good terminal facilities, and play zones for children . Then the demand of consumers is to get the overall required and desirable facilities with proper cost and happy, enjoyable experience.

The implications of needs, wants, demands offered by JetBlue are making service growth stronger and JetBlue an become an favorite airline and loved by consumers, thus making consumers more loyal and loyal to JetBlue airlines. Moving on to the second question ‘’ Describe in detail all the facets of JetBlue’s product. What is being exchanged in a JetBlue transaction? ‘’. People donate their time, money, effort to book a flight successfully, they also exchange the opportunity to travel with some other airlise to experience all the facets JetBlue’s market offering.

And JetBlue has done a great job to not let their precious customer down. In some aspect, JetBlue’s service is consider ingenious cause they have make effort to distinguish their service in better way to their competition. They give people a unique and pleasant service in exchange for their cash. Now let point out in detail all the facets of JetBlu’s product that make they become a better option for traveller. First is the features and services on the flights. JetBlue give the customer three more inches of legroom than the average airline seat.

If that even can not meet the need of some people they can pay a litter extra about ten dollars for having more space and a flatter recline position. Moreover there are comfortable seats with leather lining, snacks and free drinks. More important, customer do not feel like they have to beg for a piece snack. Jetblue let the customer enjoy snack and beverages as they please. Not over yet, each seat is equipped with LCD screen with a variety of tv channels as well as music, wifi free at the terminal, receiving and sending emails and messages for free in the air, JetBlue’s main terminal at John F. Kennedy airport that exceeds other airline facilities, and more.

In addition, JetBlue provides excellent customer service, customer service as early as possible since first communication, caring, friendly, integrity, and fun employees. Next discussion is ‘’ Which of the five marketing management concepts best applies to JetBlue? ‘’ Marketing management is the art of selecting target markets and building profitable relationships by generating, delivering, and communicating values that fullfil the wants and needs of consumers.

There are five differnt concepts are production concepts, product concepts, sales concepts, marketing concepts, and social marketing concepts. And each company with it own purpose and different marketing strategies will focus on a specific concepts. For JetBlue, the most appropriate concept to apply to JetBlue is the concept of marketing. The marketing concept show that the way an organization achive their goals bet on how well they understand the needs and wants of a choosen markets and delivering the desired satisfactions better than their oppent do.

In marketing concept, customer is the center company activities. The paths to sales and profit depend on customer satisfaction and value. From that we can notice that JetBlue does an amazing job of analyzing customer needs and wants and then delivering them better than the competition can do. JetBlue is very concerned and strives to achieve goals based on an understanding of the wants and needs of the target market and provides more satisfaction value compared to competitors’ products. Jetblue always wants to connect with consumers anytime and through any media.

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