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‘Marley and me’ movie review

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Here comes trouble. 1. If you want to see a grown man cry, make him watch ‘Marble and Me’. It is based on a true story, a best-selling memoir by John Groan. The whole movie is hilarious but the ending will bring even your grumpy, old uncle to tears. 2. It was years ago when I watched ‘Marble and Me’ for the first time, my brother downloaded it and because I couldn’t see a cover I was truly convinced that it is a film about reggae troubadour Bob, which I’m a big fan of. Turned out that it is a brilliant comedy about a husband, wife, kids and a dog that his owners call ‘the world’s worst dog”.

Marble, a golden lab, purchased as a puppy by John for Jennifer as a birthday present, is not a model canine. He appears to be nothing but trouble, he chews up furniture and clothing, he even swallows a fax machine and comes back to have an answering machine for a desert! He fails obedience school, does not know the meaning of “restraint,” and makes his owners hate taking him for a walk. 3. The story starts when John (Owen Wilson) and Jenny (Jennifer Mansion) relocate to South Florida from Michigan and decide to adopt a dog rather than having kids right away, given their busy jobs at daily swappers.

John is a young guy dreaming of working for the New York Times, for whom he wants to write about war zones and trouble spots. Instead, he’s reduced to reporting stories about methane leaks and power struggles at the local Rotary Club. Luckily, his paper’s editor gives him his own column. He starts to write about stuff he’s been doing, feelings and, quite often his dog Marble, who can be a pain but is fundamentally a joy. A bit like life? 4. ” Marble and Me” is one of those few movies, that you can happily watch several times and you ill still look forward to watching it again.

It is on my 10 top movies list, between ” Forest Gum” and “There’s something about Marry. In fact I like it so much, that I named our very own much loved golden retriever – Marble, which by the way was always as much trouble as the movie pooch. 5. Movie was made in 2008 in America. It is classed as a comedy drama. The screenplay, by Scott Frank and Don Ross, who did a wonderful job, make sure that Marble & Me is never too cute. There’s a tendency to turn “dog movies” into cuddly family affairs but, even Hough this movie is rated PIG, it has an adult perspective.

Marble & Me is as much about making a marriage work, struggling through the difficulties of having multiple careers and children, and fighting a mid-life crisis, as it is about the 30 kilo Labrador Retriever. 6. I’ve got couple favorite scenes that make me laugh every time as much. One of them is when Marble gulps Jenny’s necklace that John gave her as a present. It is so amusing to watch them struggling to catch Marble and take it off him. In the end they fail and Marble eats the necklace, forcing John o take him for several walks before they can get it back. . In my opinion this film is worth an Oscar, because it shows so much emotion in a situations that each of us may find ourselves in. It tells us an ordinary story in an inordinate way, with a lot of funny scenes and heart toughing once too. This movie shows how a dog can make you feel rare and pure and special, how an animal can make you feel extraordinary, because as John says “A dog doesn’t care if you’re rich or poor, educated or illiterate, clever or dull. Give him your heart and he will give you his. ” A. Knight.

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