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A Movie Review Of Amadeus

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I could recommend this film to others, but I will say it was not the most eventful film or one that is easy to sit through. I do, however, think it successfully portrays the characters and illustrates one depiction of Mozart life. One of the first scenes Mozart appears in, in the movie, is him and his wife on the floor. They roll around in laughter and cry out in child like banter. Saltier is peaking behind them, looking puzzled at the almost romantic moment. Mozart is speaking pig Latin to his wife asking her to marry him, and saying that he loves her and then he says “eat my sit” and they both laugh.

This is revealing a unexpected quality of Mozart, that of whit and humor. Eventually, he realizes that his music has begun with out him, and Saltier looks in awe at the idea that this person is Mozart. He is at disbelief that this obnoxious boy who just told a woman to “eat his sit” is the composer of such God like beauty, he has always sought after. This scene is notable because it shows the complex character of Mozart that seemed to have shocked Saltier to begin with. It gives the viewer an intimate moment with Mozart, making you feel more relatable to him and it takes way some of the mystery of his legend.

When you see a person that you heard of many times in such a playful scene, you realize even the prodigies of the world are just people too. They just have a gift. I believe this is what the film was intended to make you feel about Mozart. It was not just to glorify him, but to reveal his true personality. This scene was done well in my opinion because they way they were playing around reminds me of a someone I know, and to me that is a successful attempt to relate the the viewer.

The second scene I will be analyzing starts with the wife explaining how Mozart ND his family are running out of money and she is begging Saltier for a job. At first, he avoids the request by giving her treats. Only when she explains that the music sheets are originals and the only copies, does he gain some interest in her suffering. He is fascinated with Mozart originals and his obsession begins to manifest further as he is angered by Mozart glory and “voice of God”. His facial expressions are all telling of his hidden intentions.

Yet, still no matter how much admiration he has for the music, there is a catch, when he finally offers the job p. He his lusting after Mozart wife now, on top of everything else he has. When Saltier is alone, he begins to pray to God, “Dear God, enter me now, fill me with one piece of true music, one piece with your breath in it, so I know you love me… Enter me, please”. This seen ultimately illustrates Galleries unfortunate love for music and the man who has mastered the art. It is intended to show his bitterness though he should be opening his arms to such talent and glorious people.

He is quite literally on his knees begging to have what Mozart has been gifted with. This is symbolic for his desperation to make beautiful music, a passion that is turning out to be the very death of him. The scene did accomplish what I believe it intended too, and I thought that the way the lighting was different when he was praying was reflective of him in a dark time. My favorite scene in Amadeus was the very last scene. Mozart had just been buried, and the previous scene was filled with family and friends grieving.

It was dark and gloomy, signifying the sad end of a prodigies life and the despair of dying young. The first person you see in the last scene is the shaken looking rises. He looks drained, after having sat through Galleries confessions. It is evident from his facial expression that he is overwhelmed with the story and in some sort of disbelief. Saltier then begins to speak of how God killed his “beloved” and instead, left him to rot, letting his music fade and body grow weak. He speaks to how he feels punished by God. This makes the viewer see the insanity and toxic ways of thinking this man has.

He’s then pushed in his wheelchair by a cheery young boy through the asylum where he passes his fellow patients. The images of people in cages and stricken with insanity gives you a sour end though Saltier is grinning and crying out to the mediocre, making him all the more crazy. The last thing you hear is Mozart bashful laugh which haunts you into the credits of the movie. This scene was intended to give closure and leave you with a distaste for Saltier and all his sorrows he has brought himself. I thought this was the absolute perfect scene to close the movie. The priest looked concerned, which he should be!

And the way they included Mozart laughter at he end genuinely gave me chills and evoked a nostalgic emotion from me. That is something appreciate in a movie especially this one because there needed to be something twisted, otherwise, the story would have been too monotone for my taste. I would have liked to see Galleries in some sort of straight jacket or solitary confinement just to get an idea of what he will be doing in the future. I would recommend this movie to other people interested in this topic because it does not butter up the truth much. It is overall realistic. Id feel that it was entertaining though and I cannot believe that men wore wigs like that at any point in history. That was the most prominent thing on my mind! The costumes and make up were done really well and fit the time period accurately. The three most notable scenes I analyzed ultimately deepened the movie and the characters. Without those scenes in the movie, Mozart and Saltier would be two dimensional and premature. “Mozart” transformed into a famous name you have heard so much about to a relatable young man that everyone is familiar with somehow in a brother, husband, son, or friend.

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