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Is the Internet bringing people closer together?

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How many seconds do you think you can live without having the Internet? For most people, I bet 30 seconds is enough to make them suffer. The Internet is one of the greatest inventions of the 20th century, and we have all witnessed its influence on our lives – it has made family and friends, businessmen and their partners as well as clients, and people around the world closer together. Firstly, the Internet brings people and their dearest family and friends closer together. When the children have to leave their home to stay in the dormitory, when your friends have to move to another county, or when your parents have to leave for work to a country far away, the Internet might be the easiest, fastest and sometimes the only way to communicate with them.

Take myself for example, I used to study abroad in the U.S.A., which is far from my country- Taiwan, and thus time difference is supposed to be a serious problem for me to contact my family. However, with such apps as What’s app, Line and Facetime, I can not only leave messages and photos at any time, but also talk to them face-to-face! And what’s more, it’s always free – as long as there’s the Internet! Besides, the Internet brings businessmen and their partner and customers closer together. No longer should partners and managers in different countries spend hours flying through half of the earth just to attend one regular meeting. Instead, all each need are a computer, or a screen, and the Internet! With a simple click and a blink, everyone is in front of the boss, and then the meeting begins. In addition, through websites, companies can present their product and information to their customers 24hr a day. Once their clients have any question, they can reply directly and immediately via the Internet.

Businessmen can also promote products to their target consumers on the Internet, where “word-of-Internet-mouth” can often boost sales these days. Last but not least, the Internet brings people all over the world, especially those who’ve never met each other before, closer together. For example, through websites such as Twitter and Facebook, users can come by the latest information from around the world. Moreover, not only has the Internet helped with the maintenance of old friendships, but it has also given people a chance to meet and helped with the formation of new ones. Some may even end up finding their life partners on the Internet!

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