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Interwest Healthcare Corporation

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The potential problems that the Interwest Healthcare CEO, Cynthia Manzoni have many constraints and not a lot of opportunities. The potential source of the problem or problems can be from many different sources. These potential problems can be caused by the firm’s management information system, lack of training for hospital staff, hospital staff time constraints, and motivation for hospital staff to enter data correctly. Whatever the potential problem is for the date input not being completed, it would be very important to analyze the complaints of both sides.

It is important to analyze the different dynamics to these potential problems. Within this analyzes, I would look at the opportunities and constraints of entering data into the system. Are the constraints that the hospital staff have due to the with number of patients being seen and the time to enter the data? Analyzing the fact that there is an opportunity cost situation where possible hospital staff have a certain amount of time with each patient, and now that there has been even more work to be completed for this patient they get caught entering data and not spending the time needed with the patient. Hospital staff may not understand what opportunities that the data could bring to the hospital staff and patients? Does the hospital staff know what data they are required to enter for patient information into the computer system? Do they know how the system works thoroughly? Is there something that the information system is not doing correctly to accurately record this data? The hospital staff could be working extra hours to get data completed with no compensation for their time.

Actions that I would recommend to increase the accuracy of the data entry is to retrain staff on data that needs to be collected and entered into the information system. Making sure that everyone knows exactly what they are suppose to do. If patient care is the concern of the hospital staff then some options could be hiring transcriptionists or giving a decreased patient load with the same pay to complete data entry. It is important to emphasize the opportunities that the data collection will bring to the organization and to patient care. Also adding compensation for accurately entering data into system should be a consideration. This could be done individually or by department.

On this consulting assignment, my view of behavior would effect how I would address this project. I think two things run together to achieve good work when looking at behavior models. The first thing is the Happy- Is- Productive Model. The motivation of hospital staff to do a good job and do what is ask of them has decreased due to the data entry problems. These employees are very upset with the chief financial officer for his attitude towards the problems. This makes me think that there is more to the problem then disgruntled employees not entering data. There is some type of systematic problem or time constraints not allowing staff to do their job. My second behavior model that runs together with this model is Only-Money-Matters Model. If the hospital staff is asked to do more work while seeing the same amount of patients then before then they should get compensated for it. Extra hours to enter data requirements should be compensated. Happy, well compensated employees will make a good efficient hospital employees.


Brickley, J., Smith, C., & Zimmerman, J. (2009). Managerial economics and organizational architecture (5th ed.). New York: McGraw Hill/ Irwin.

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