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Intel: Internal Organizational Pressures

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1. What were the different changes at Intel over the first three years of Barrett’s tenure? Different changes at Intel over the first three years of Barrett’s tenure were that he has increased the production capacity for Intel. Some others changes were closing down of an e-commerce service for small businesses, web broadcasting for shareholder meetings was also terminated as well as cutting back on web- surfing applications in other countries other than Spain. He also reorganized company. 2. Of the environmental pressures for change discussed in this chapter- fashion, mandates, geopolitical, declining markets, hypercompetition, and corporate reputation- which ones were experienced by Intel? Intel experienced environmental pressures for change such as, declining markets, geopolitical, and corporate reputation.

3. Of the internal organizational pressures for change discussed in this chapter that are associated with organizational change-growth, integration and collaboration, reestablishment of organizational identities, new broom, and power and political pressures- which ones were experienced within Intel? Reestablishing of organizational identity and new broom were internal changes. 4. Are there other external or internal pressures for change that you can identify? Jury was an external pressure.

5. What overall conclusions do you draw about why Barrett made the changes he did? Which issues were dominant? Why? Barrett made changes because he wanted to increase a market share of the company. Barrett also wanted to improve working relations in the organization and start producing diverse products. 6. What pressures for change might face Barrett in the future? How do you arrive at this assessment? This industry changes and company needs to be innovating and continuously produce new products. They also need to keep high quality of products in order to satisfy customers. This assessment was my homework. 7. What advice would you give Barrett for how to cope with these change pressures? Barrett should make sure that he has a team of creative and innovative members. However, their machinery and equipment need to be up to date.

1. What new pressures for change faced Barrett in the last half of his tenure? Their market was much smaller than they had originally been hoped for. No mobile phone manufacturer had yet used their new processor. 2. How did he respond to these pressures?

Barrett shift strategy, he moved toward dual cord architectures rather simply producing faster and faster chip speeds. 3. If you were Paul Otellini, coming in as the new CEO, would you change anything? Why? I would employ create a team of innovative and creative members and tried to expand market share.

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