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Informative Speech Outline Argumentative

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Firstly, before making chocolate we must make sure that we have enough material ingredients. From my research in Wikipedia chocolate is a raw or processed food produce from the seed of the tropical Theobroma cacao tree. The definition by making a chocolate we must now that the chocolate are absolutely taste linking good. On the other hand last weak, I have been eaten chocolate, after I eat chocolate I get more benefit for example it will reduce my stress. Now I will explain how many type chocolate and I will explain effect when we eat chocolate. NOW YOU CAN KNOW AND UNDERSTAND NAME TYPE CHOCOLATE

The main type of chocolate are white chocolate, Dark chocolate, Sweet dark chocolate, and Unsweetened chocolate. These types of chocolate may be produced with ordinary cacao beans. For white chocolate is chocolate made with cocoa butter, sugar, milk and sometimes other flavorings. It does not contain any-fat ingredients from the cocoa bean and has therefore an of white color. For sweet dark chocolate is similar to semi-sweet chocolate, it is not always possible to distinguish between the flavor of sweet and semi sweet chocolate. For the Dark chocolate is Sweetened chocolate with high content of cocoa solids and no or very little milk. Dark chocolate can either be sweet, semi sweet, bittersweet or unsweetened. For the last chocolate is unsweetened chocolate, for this chocolate a bitter chocolate which only use for baking.

The flavor is not good, so it is suitable for eating. NOW YOY CAN KNOW AND UNDERSTAND THE EXPLAINATION ABOUT ADVANTAGES WHEN WE EAT CHOCOLATE Furthermore, the chocolate also have benefit when we eat chocolate, for example advantages when we eat chocolate we can make our life always smile. Beside that, for people have many stress chocolate can help decrease our stress. Beside that, the health benefit from chocolate can apply to everyone who indulges including children. Many parents avoid giving their children chocolate because of the sugar, but chocolate is a healthy treat that has health benefit for children also. Beside that, when the chocolate is melting in our mouth we can fill delicious and true taste of the chocolate flavor. NOW YOU CAN KNOW AND UNDERSTAND ABOUT EFFECT WHEN MUCH EAT CHOCOLATE FOR OUR HEALTH

Beside that, the chocolate also have effect when much eat chocolate for our health. Many people like eat chocolate in much because chocolate very delicious and person who know also about effect when much eat chocolate for our health, for example get broken tooth, other wise when much eat chocolate we can get diabetes. T he chocolate also can describe our emotional. Beside that, when we eat chocolate to much is will effect our health. Although the effect of chocolate on humans are a matter of dispute, there is less debate over its effect on pets. It is widely believed that chocolate can be dangerous to animal such as parrots and dogs. The danger is believed to be caused by a stimulant called theobromine. This means that, whether humans eat chocolate for the potentially positive effectors pleasure, they should not share with animal. NOW THAT YOU UNDERSTAND FULL SPECIFICATION ABOUT CHOCOLATE

Finally, for my experience chocolate is good for or health if we don’t take to much. Otherwise, chocolate also good for all people for our life always smile. I hope you can understand about explanation about my speech and maybe it will attract you interested to chocolate after this.

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