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Importance of Effective Teamwork in Today’s Business

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                        Teamwork is important in today’s businesses. Companies today are comprised of different departments, and different types of people make up for each job function. Teamwork makes it possible for these diverse individuals to work together to meet the demands of their job. Without teamwork, it will be difficult for people from varying backgrounds to work together and meet their common goals.

            Teamwork does not only mean working together. People may work together but lack understanding of each other or the work that they have to do. At worst, they may lack the interest to work together but do so because of need. This poses a serious concern for the members of a team.

            Teams need to know the purpose of their work. Every team has one or more goals which are the purpose of why they were put together. When members of a team are familiar with what they need to achieve, they will be focused on doing things to achieve this end. This is important in business because companies will suffer if their employees have differing goals. When an employee wants to achieve something solely for himself, this may affect the job of others which is geared towards the common good of the employees and the company.

            Teamwork, or the lack of it, can make or break an organization. It is essential for teams to help companies, as much as companies nurture teamwork among employees. This is the only way that employees will be able to agree on their differing ideas and work together to make these ideas realities. In the end, this process of innovation does not only benefit the company. It also benefits the employees as it promotes agreeable relationships among them.

My Team in a Real Company

            Having worked with my team through the several activities that we had in class, I am confident that we can contribute greatly to a real company. We are composed of different personalities. There are several times that we do not agree on many ideas. For example, we can argue about choosing a topic to discuss or present. However, we always know that we have to meet in the middle.

            Looking back at how our team works, it appears that much of our arguments help enrich our knowledge. Everybody learns from each other. We have different experiences so it helped a lot for each of us to get different feedbacks from each other. In the end, we know that we have to come up with a decision. We try to choose the one which is best but most attainable. For example, at one point our team has to discuss Tommy Hilfiger as a retail store and discuss its human resources as well, and because most of the group members have work experiences on retail stores and some are currently employed in retail operations, many different ideas abound. Lauren is good at directing discussions, and she leads us most of the time. However, she lets the group members come up with different ideas for the group and we get to assess each idea to see which one is best for us.

            Most of our team members are cooperative. Even if we do not agree we try to help each other. We use our experiences and the things that we learn. Real companies need teamwork like this. Teams do not always agree, but our team helps each other. When companies have teams who help each other it is beneficial because ideas are materialized. This enables companies to be open to change and variety and makes it more interesting.

Positive and Negative Aspects of the Class 

            The class was informative and enjoyable. There are times when the topics are overwhelming because they are unfamiliar or difficult. However, with the help of the professor and my classmates it became easier. The class gave me new information that I can use in my other studies and future work.

            The class made a positive impact because it allowed us to discuss different principles. We also had the opportunity to meet with our groups and exchange ideas. The discussions allowed us to enrich each others’ knowledge. It also gave us the opportunity to discuss the differences in our ideas and come up with conclusions that fit the needs of our group and our class.

            The class also had some negative effects for us. There are many times within our group that we argued especially over choosing topics for discussion and presentation. Presentations can always make us nervous, and we try to do everything to make good use of what we know so that we can give good discussions for the class. The class also lacked the necessary guidance for discussions for teams.

            However, overall, the class has been good. It was an opportunity for us to learn and to interact. Especially for our team, we had a good time working together even if sometimes we do not agree. We also learned many aspects of teamwork and logistics. The class is enriching and there are many theories that students are able to learn. We are able to discuss them and see how we can apply them to real work settings. With more guidance on the group discussions so that any arguments within team members will be resolved more easily, the class will be more helpful to all students as well.

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