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Human Impacts on the Sustainability of Groundwater

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Instructions: You will need to write a 1-page lab report using the scientific method to answer the following question: If current human development does not change, will groundwater sustainability be affected? When your lab report is complete – submit it in the classroom. Part I: Using the time progression of industrialization and human development, fill in the data table below to help you write up your lab report. Time Period Impact to Forest Groundwater Levels Saltwater Intrusion Farming Industrial development Population 1800s Large Forest Lots of Groundwater None Small Farms None Limited 1900s Decreased by 50% Decreased by 50% Ocean Moved into groundwater Are Larger but fewer Exceptional Growth Increase in housing 2000s Decreased 90% Decreased 90% Greater Movement Size Decreased by 20% Decreased by 10-15% Decreased by 10-15% Part II: Write a 1-page lab report using the following scientific method sections: Purpose

State the purpose of the lab.
This is an investigation of what is currently known about the question being asked. Use background information from credible references to write a short summary about concepts in the lab. List and cite references in APA style. Hypothesis/Predicted Outcome

A hypothesis is an educated guess. Based on what you have learned and written about in the Introduction, state what you expect to be the results of the lab procedures. Methods
Summarize the procedures that you used in the lab. The Methods section should also state clearly how data (numbers) were collected during the lab; this will be reported in the Results/Outcome section. Results/Outcome

Provide here any results or data that were generated while doing the lab procedure. Discussion/Analysis
In this section, state clearly whether you obtained the expected results. Also discuss the results and what you learned from this lab. Note: You can use the lab data to help you discuss the results and what you learned. Provide references in APA format. This includes a reference list and in-text citations for references used in the Introduction section. Give your paper a title and identify each section as specified above. Although the hypothesis will be a 1-sentence answer, the other sections will need to be paragraphs to adequately explain your experiment.

Human Impacts on the Sustainability of Groundwater
SCI203 Phase 1 Lab Report
Emili Weis
Brian Miller
The purpose of this lab is to determine whether if the current human development does not change, will groundwater sustainability be affected.
In this introduction I will be discussing how the planet earth has 70% of water but 1% is considered accessible, but 99% of the freshwater is located in aquifers. The bad part about it we a using the aquifers faster than can recharge. This is hurting our water recycling process. Based what I have learned that if we don’t manage how we use our water we will have complication all the time. This can cause droughts. In the 1800s there were a lot of forests and groundwater but limited population which make small farms. In 1900s the forest and the ground water levels have been decreased by 50% and salt water intrusion became groundwater from the ocean. In the 2000s everything decreased. In this lab I got my information from the muse link to get my lab work done. I went through the table and answered the questions with the muse link.

I used the background info and the conditions and impacts. All my info and results are in the table I have provided in the table above. I learned a lot in this lab about how the water gets recycled. Like I said I learned a lot in this lab like how in the 1800s there were a lot of forest to go around and ground water. There was no salt water intrusion either. I never knew how all of this worked until I did this lab. So the 1900s the forest and the ground water decreased by 50% and the population grew and the ocean moved in to ground water. But the 2000s everything decreased, the forest and the groundwater dropped by 90% which is scary and everything else dropped by 10 to 15 %.

2010 Career Education Corporation, https://campus.ctuonline.edu/courses/SCI203/p1/hub1/hub.html

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