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How would GPS-enabled smartphones help busnisses

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There are many advantages of the use of GPS-enabled smartphones to businesses. some of the advantages are for the person using it or even the businesses who own them however there is also some major advantages for the public and the customer as well. One major advantage for the man or woman driving your delivery’s is finding your way too the customers house or even shop. Phone’s GPS how a days will be able to get you to appointments on time, even if you’re in a strange city far from home. Most GPS software will even alert you of major traffic delays and find you an alternate route. This is a massive plus for everyone, the driver and customers and even the shop or manufacturer. This is because the customer gets there order or product on time and to there house and doesn’t need to track there package down because it has been delivered to the wrong address. Also for the driver of the delivery company because they get too the peoples houses on time and if they go to the right houses they wont have too work over shifts. Finally it is a positive for the cooperation or shop selling the goods because there will be no complaints about being late or too the wrong address so more happy customers means more money too them.

Secondly another advantage is the way you can plan your’s and the customers day with the use of GPS-enabled smartphones. Most smartphone GPS’s usually have a device on it that tell’s you what time you will get too a specific destination for example the customers address or shop. This has too be the most important aspect for mostly customers as individuals because with the use of GPS-enabled smartphones we don’t have too sit in the house from 7 am till 7 pm waiting in all day because they don’t give you a specific time that it will be delivered. So this would be very helpful too the customer because it would give a smaller and more spersice time your goods would be delivered too your house or a shop so you don’t have too wait in all day but it also gives you the opportunity too organised your day around the delivery. Last but not least the final advantage would be the control the company or cooperation would have too track every movement, stop, speed every driver did. For huge company’s and even small company’s this would be great for them so they could monitor the movement of there drivers too see if they are actually doing the job they are getting paid too do.

Also the use of GPS-enabled smartphones would show the speed the driver was driving at too see if the company’s delivery drivers weren’t breaking any laws or causing harm too thepublic. So the use of GPS-enabled smartphones would be hugely helpful too big and small company’s because they can see if the drivers are being sensible by not breaking any laws and by safe driving but also doing the company proud and delivering customers goods at a satisfying speed and without any problems or hassell. So my conclusion is that GPS-enabled smartphones would be hugely helpfully with day too day life with delivery for the company’s them selves but also for the customer buying the products. This is because it will cut down on the amount of disappointed customers not getting there orders and products on time but also too be having to wait in all day too get a package and not being to plan there day around the time of the drop off. Also for the company so they can keep there customers happy and satisfied and knowing if the driver is actually doing what the driver is getting paid too do and making sure that they are doing ti safely.

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