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How to make a smoothie

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On a hot summer day a thirst quenching, icy, sweet drink describes the qualities of a delicious smoothie. Amazingly, three basic steps are all it takes to make a nutritional smoothie personalized to an individuals liking. To begin with you need to decide what kind of smoothie you are in the mood for and what fruits juices and vegies you have on hand. There is a plethora of different types of smoothies that can be made in your own home. You can turn one into a healthy snack, a delicious desert, or a balanced meal. The process of making a smoothie begins with a few simple steps. First to begin with you will need to gather the ingredients and set up your blender of choice. Appliances in the kitchen have changed throughout the years, so depending on your preference you can use many different types to create a smoothie. You can use a blender, food processor, or a magic bullet.

In my case here I am going to use the easy and fast way with a magic bullet. Take about measuring cups. Next you will need to gather all your essentials to make your smoothie. Depending on what kind of smoothie you want to prepare, you will need different ingredients. Fresh or frozen fruit will be the main component of your smoothie drink. Delicious smoothies can be produced using fresh, canned, or dried fruit. When using fresh fruit it is important to wash it thoroughly in order to remove any pesticides and cut it up into small pieces before placing it into the blender. Then add liquid. The liquid is the main ingredient in this process. Adding milk is always a popular choice in making a smoothie.

There are many other possibilities of what kind of liquids you want to use as the base of your drink. These choices include orange juice or even lemonade for a citrusy taste or other fruit juices. For other additives could be soymilk for people that are lactose intolerant, almond milk or Greek yogurt for a healthier choice. Yogurt would make it a thicker consistency. Adding ice cream or sherbet or even frozen yogurt adds spice to the drink and could be use in place of ice. Or you could add water if you don’t have anything else.

Adding powder to your smoothie is always a good option to boost it up the nutritional value. There are many different vitamin and protein powders that can be added for healthy benefits. Protein powders can be added to make your smoothie an actual drink. And other choices are displayed for your viewing.

One way to make your smoothie healthier, try sneaking some greens in it. By adding kale or spinach into your drink, you would get a serving of vegetables into your diet by barely even noticing the taste.

If using fresh fruit you will always want to add a few ice cubes in this process to make it thick and give it that nice smoothie texture. If using frozen fruit that will substitute that ice cubes so you don’t even need them you can freeze your own fruit to leave out the ice cubes.

Finally, after putting all your ingredients into the blender plug it in, put the lid on it and twist it to turn the device on. Turn it onto medium and let it blend. Once the blender ‘digests’ the fruit turn it up a notch to pulse or let it blend for a little over a minute to break up all the chunks. After about a minute or so turn it off give it a nice shake if it feels like there are still chunks of ice or fruits left, let it pulse for about 20-30 seconds longer if you like the way it looks, pour it into a nice big glass and here you have yourself a delicious smoothie. Sip and enjoy

Smoothies have many positive qualities. They can be very nutritious depending on what ingredients you put in them. Also, this drink can be a convenient enhancement, meal replacement or snack. They are a fun way to satisfy your love of fruit, a sweet tooth, and cool you down on hot summer days. It’s amazing that with only a few ingredients and three easy steps a satisfying drink can be created with or without frozen fruit. These are fun to create because you can individualize each ingredient to your own personal liking.

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