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How to Become a Nurse Anesthetist

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Is life simply a result of trial & error in our lives. ” This quote relates to my job because when you become a nurse theses always going to be times where you’re going to mess up writing information down on the chart or getting someone’s name wrong, but at the end of the day you did a good job. So, no matter what you do during the day you’re always going to make mistakes but you’ll get it right sooner or later in life. In the future I see myself as a Nurse Anesthetist making good money have a nice house and working at a great hospital.

But before I can become a Nurse Anesthetist I need to make sure that I keep my grades up while I’m in high school and have worked in a nursing program so I can get my Nursing licenses. When I graduate from college I need to make sure that I graduate with a bachelor’s degree in nursing or another appropriate baccalaureate degree. When I finish college, it’ll be easier for me to decide if I want to work at a hospital that just deal with adult or one that is mix with adult and children. When I was a little girl I loved taking care of my Grandparen’s, if they had a cold I would give their medicine and made sure they had something to eat.

When my grandmother had her hip-surgery I had to make sure that she was taking her medicine, had her walking around the house. During the summer I watch my cousins I love taking care of people even if they’re young or old. It’s just something about me being a Nurse Anesthetist because I love finding ways to make people feel better or make sure their body is taking care of. Nurse Anesthetist provide anesthetics to patients in collaboration with surgeons, anesthesiologists, dentists, podiatrist. Nurse anesthetist take care of patient’s anesthesia need before, during or after surgery.

When you become a nurse anesthetist you have to manage the breathing of the patients, you are responsible for the health of the patient and understand spoken, written information. Sometimes the anesthetist can help deliver a baby by performing a physical assessment, participating in preoperative teaching and administering anesthesia to keep the patient pain free. Nurse anesthetists can work as independent practitioners or in collaboration with physicians. It is very common for nurse anesthetists to work independently in rural settings.

During surgery the nurse should be able to manage the proper preparation of the anesthesia, in advance so that there is no confusion at the time of true action. After the surgery is over the nurse should update the patient’s family members about when to expect the patient will awake and what can be the possible side effects. Therefore, my future goal is to become a successful Nurse anesthetist to take care of people and make them feel better, but before I can pursue my dream I need to finish high school and graduate from college with a bachelor’s degree and a baccalaureate degree and that’s my future goal.

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