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How Democratic was Andrew Jackson?

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Andrew Jackson was a man of many faces and many of his views were not very democratic. Jackson was not democratic for economic reasons such as vetoing The Bank, for political reasons such as implementing the Spoils System, and for social reasons such as being pro-slavery.

First, Jackson was not democratic for economic reasons. During his presidency many of his actions were viewed as king behavior than one of a president. One person ever made a cartoon of Jackson wearing a kings crown and kings clothes and tramping the constitution. This represents that people saw Andrew as “King Andrew” because he did whatever he wanted and acted like a dictator by disobeying the constitution. Another example would be when Jackson implemented the Spoils System, which was when he brought supporters of himself into federal jobs. Jackson argued that the jobs were easy and that anyone could do them. Jackson was not democratic for these reasons.

Next, Jackson was not democratic for economic reasons. Jackson vetoed the bill to recharter the second bank of the united states of america. He said it was protecting the democracy from going corrupt. Jackson was hated when he destroyed the national bank for personal reasons saying “The Bank is trying to kill me but i will kill it.” He soon later passed the Indian Removal Act. Which forced Indians off their land and to move West. Although Indians didnt want to go into unknown land they were forced to by Jackson. He argued that white settlers needed the land to help make the land more profitable as the Indians were not doing. Jackson was not democratic for these reasons.

Last, Jackson was not democratic for social reasons. He did not believe in everyone being equal as the constitution says. Being said Jackson owned large amounts of slaves during his presidency. This then shows that Jackson supported slavery and the rights truly should only go to the rich land owning white males.

So Andrew Jackson was not very democratic for economic, political, and social reasons while he was in presidency.

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