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How Art Made the World

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As particularly mentioned at the documentary, the theory is our life would be unrecognizable and impossible without images. To understand and question upon that theory we need to find out how much images important in our daily life and what would be the alternative way of images as representations. When we carefully analyse the importance of images and seek out the alternative way of them which might be used as alternative channels in modern life, we understood that we do not have any alternative way. Therefore, undoubtfully I agree the theory that our life would be impossible to imagine without images. In modern times, specifically after 19th century images and pictures had taken huge roles in our lives. From head to toe pictures had got in every visual expressions and actions. When the time went by through the modern age after some corner stones and developments in every visual fields, some particular visual expressions, signs and images became the international languages such as traffic signs, architectural signs, aviation signs and etc.

Specially at this age which we called the Space Age, life would be impossible because at this age communication has vital role in our lives. As we think more deeper and deeper, we could realise that communication can not just provide by using texts and oral ways. However, after explanation of the importance of images and visual way of communication, as we came across in documentary the biggest question is waiting for us. The question is How we had started to create images? And How we had developed that skill? The first pictures that had been found in Northern Spain which believed the first examples of cave paintings and the pictures had been found in South Africa which they have made it by the prehistoric nation have essential in commons.

Henry Broye, the French priest and the former expert of cave painting claimed that prehistoric people had created the pictures of daily life, more precisely hunting scenes. However, when the experts expand their investigations, the claim of Henry Broye had failed. Also, in the main time experts came up with another question. To draw a picture first we need to know what the picture is and how to draw it and the will of composing them as mentioned in documentary. Only a couple of years ago, the archaeologist David Lewis Willams had revolutionary idea which enlightened the secret behind that questions. How and why prehistoric humans had started painting caves. Basic explanation of him was prehistoric people had had passion of paintings because they had expressed their spiritual experiences and every subliminal affects that they had. Furthermore, since the structure of our brains from first human, we naturally had skill to compose paintings about every detail that we have in our brain.

To conclude the essay, even though mentioning either scientific proof and spiritual affects upon paintings are not necessary to explain them over and over again we need to seek out and try to understand every information and explanation behind that theory. Most essentially, we as human beings have the natural skill and instinct to represent almost every item and phenomenon around us. Therefore life would be figuratively impossible without images.

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