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How are these technologies related to use UPS’s business strategy?

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These technologies above are related to UPS’s business strategy because it improves efficiency and time management, ensures maximum flexibility in business operations. It also solve timing problems as drivers can receive urgent delivery messages, if delivery has been sent to the incorrect location you are automatically notified. With such technology UPS has been able to fulfill its strategy which is “to provide the best service and lowest rates.” The technology used by UPS not only enables the customers to track his/her package through the UPS Web site but also enables the data to flow smoothly throughout the UPS network. Thus the technology enables UPS to become more competitive, efficient, and profitable business amidst the intense competition.

What are the inputs, processing, and outputs of UPS’s package tracking system?

Inputs: The inputs of UPS’s package tracking system include package information picked up from “smart label”. The tracking system also include customer signature, pickup, delivery information by using hand held DIADs. The package tracking system also input the information about the current location (while en route) of the package and billing and customer clearance documentation.

Processing: The data is transmitted to the UPS central computer and is stored for retrieval. Data is reorganized so that it can be tracked by customers.

Outputs: The outputs include pickup and delivery times, location while en route, and package recipient. It also includes various reports, such as all packages for a specific account or a specific driver or route as well as summary reports for management.

What problems do UPS’s information systems solve?

UPS information system provides solution for different categories of customers. Individuals Customers
i) Easy Access to Shipping and Tracking
ii) Everything You Need to Ship and Track, Online
iii) Receive Packages Your Way
iv) Access UPS When and Where You Need To
v) Get Your UPS Bill Faster vi)Returns Made Simple
Business Clients
i) Save Time and Money
ii) Manage Shipping Online
iii) Receive Packages at Your Convenience
iv) Access UPS Where and When You Need To
v) Get Paid Faster
vi)View and Pay Your Invoice
vii) Excess resources like call center and others.
Shipping and Receiving Managers
ii) Leverage UPS Technology to Manage Shipping and Returns
iii) Take Control of Your Receiving Process
v) Access UPS When and Where You Need To
vi) Receive Your Invoice Electronically From UPS

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