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How Are Cockroaches Adapted to Survive?

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Cockroaches are more powerful insects, which live in a wide range of environment almost around the world, form the east to west and form the north to south, and human can see them in different districts around the world. The Cockroaches have about 30 species out of 4500 total are associated with human habitats and about four species are well known as pests. However, why they can succeed in the world? Follow that I will do some researches approach their morphology, mode of nutrition, reproduction and evolution to find the reasons.

About Cockroaches’ morphology, there are some points should be discussed. First of all, the Cockroaches are around over 50% volume fat in their body. The fat very important for Cockroaches, it is because fat not only provide protection function to their organs, but also become their food reservation for over several weeks when they can’t find a new source of foods. Also, their body consists has a waxy skeleton like ants and it is very hard to killed by hitting or pressing; at the same time, skeleton become the restriction in the growth of their body as the bigger of their body, the more oxygen required. This can helps them to survive in some extreme cases like small spaces that nearly no air supports.

Mode of nutrition
Cockroaches are very interesting, because they are omnivorous animals. The most favorite foods of Cockroaches are starch and meat. No one can guess it; even Cockroaches can eat some paper, sheet, CD and also human excrements. Cockroaches are among the hardiest insects on the planet. Some species are capable of remaining active for a month without food, and some even have been known to live up to three months without food and a month without water. The only one food Cockroaches do not eat, and to food is cucumber. So, we can see that it almost eat anything is organic. Also, what we can see as the variety of food that Cockroaches eat is very high, so it is easy for them to find a new source of food when they need to eat.

Cockroaches use pheromones to attract mates, and the males practice courtship rituals such as posturing and stridulation, and it as if other insects, Cockroaches mate facing away from each other with their genitalia in contact and copulation can e prolonged. It should be famed that the female can save the sperm of the male and the volume of saved is enough for the female to fertilize its own eggs for their whole life. Also, just a few species are known to be parthenogenetic, reproducing without the need for males. This is the major advantage as the female need to mate one time in their life in order to lay its offspring until it dies, it can makes the amount of Cockroaches increases rapidly, and the asexual reproduction of some species also makes the quantity of cockroach increase speedily.

Female are sometime seen carrying egg cases on their end of abdomen, and the egg case of the German cockroach holds about 30 to 40 long, thin eggs, packed like frankfurters in the case called an ootheca. The eggs hatch from the combined pressure of the hatchlings gulping air. The hatchlings are initially bright white nymphs and continue inflating themselves with air, becoming harder and darker within about four hours. Their transient white stage while hatching and later while molting has led many to claim the existence of albino Cockroaches. This will make the eggs to avoid being destroy and will help the reproduction process. Evolution

The evolutionary story of Cockroaches is the most successful histories around the world not only for insects but also other species. During evolution, the Cockroaches can adapt the environment like stop breathing in the water for 15 minutes, and still alive for a week even their head was chopped. At the same time, the Cockroaches can even adapt pesticide and can generate the resistance of the pesticide after the sixth generation. It shows the strong adaptive power by Cockroaches, also lead them to success in the evolution process. Furthermore, the renovating power is high during the process of evolutionary, and it means Cockroaches can recover from damage easily and quickly; this can be shows it is medical usage.

Conclusively, Cockroaches are most successful and powerful animals in the world. Although it sizes very small and human usually kill them, their evolution and reproduction very success, even their diet behavior is diversity. So we can’t ignore the way it is success animals on the world.


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