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Heroism Definition Essay

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A fifty-year-old man just won a lottery of a million dollars, but then he goes to a hospital and decides to donate a kidney to an eight-year-old boy and gives all the money to the hospital. Who is this person? He is not a dumb person that just gave up a million dollars, but a hero. To be a true hero, one must show bravery(boldness), and selflessness. Selflessness is an essential quality of being a hero. One example of this is my parents they work hard every day so that my me and my sister get good education and can become something in life.

My dad goes to work every day and at 8:00 a.m. and comes back at around 6:00 p. m. and after he comes back he still works from home, he helps me with studies whenever I ask for help. Even if he is busy. my Mom does housework which doesn’t sound incredibly hard, but it is, and they do all this tough work for me and my sister. They don’t do all this work for themselves but for my sister and me. One more example of a hero that shows selflessness is Phoenix Jones. Phoenix Jones is used to be an MMA fighter who now roams the streets of Seattle to fight crime and stays incredibly busy now, “I’m Phoenix Jones.

I’m from the Seattle area. And I fight crime. ” That is what Phoenix Jones tells people when they ask him who he is because of lack of time. He has been in over 30 incidents, been stabbed once, even shot once but even after all this he continues to fight crime on the streets. Phoenix jones is brave because he doesn’t care about being killed but wants to save the people. Phoenix Jones’ and my parents’ actions show the traits of real heroes. A true hero never gives himself/herself greater importance than the people he/she is saving or working for.

Another trait of real heroes is bravery. A hero that shows this trait is Malala Yousafzai. Malala was a simple girl that wanted the rights to have an education for girls, she stood up for what she wanted and accomplished her mission of giving education rights to girls; now Malala is an activist for female education and the youngest Nobel Prize laureate. After Malala was shot in the head by the Taliban she said, “They thought that the bullet would silence us. But they failed… Weakness, fear and hopelessness died.

Strength, power, and courage was born. ” Malala was brave because even though she was shot in the head and was targeted by a terrorist organization called as Taliban she didn’t quit. Another example of people that have this trait is organ donors all around the world. Many people around the world are willing to donate their organs to save other people lives and basically lose theirs, a lot of people just donate their organs because doctors say that one person’s organs can save as much as 8 lives.

Many people don’t donate organs even after their death because their family members think that the person’s body will not be in shape after that but they don’t get that if the dead person donates organs they might save another person’s life. Malala and organ donors have the traits of true heroes. A true hero would not back off or quit after seeing an obstacle or difficulty in the path. We need heroes because they are the ones that nurture us when we are young, they are the ones that inspire us, they are the ones that pick us up when we fall, they give us hope, save us when we are in trouble and solve our problems.

People who are now considered as heroes tell us that anyone can be a hero, even a newborn baby can be a hero. Heroes tell us that all it takes to become a hero is bravery, determination, selflessness; to be a hero, you don’t have to be unique. If the world didn’t have heroes maybe, we would not be as strong or brave, maybe we just couldn’t get past obstacle and we would have no goals in life which would lead us to nowhere.

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