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Heroes Inflation

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What are heroes? more specifically what is an hero to you? In the article Hero Inflation written by Nicholas Thompson, he describes and tells those in America that the word hero today isn’t what it used to be. Traditionally, in the past hero was looked up as doing a heroic act, not required of them to do so. That the word itself, and what people describe it to be today is lowered, that we “cheapen the word in some ways, the exploits of people who have earned the right to be called that in past”. Me personally disagree with that method, and many others in society would argue on their behalf. We all have freedom of speech so I can’t say he is wrong, but i do believe everyone has their own opinion to what a hero can be, and that could be anything.

Depending on what he or she may believes. I would also like to point out that those that have past on the men and women in the 9/11 incident deserve what ever award or rank that was given to them. It was only right to give them what they put their lives on the line for. I don’t think its right to give everyone a medal from the incident, but only to those who were willing to go out there, knowing their lives were in jeopardy. Labeling police, and fire fighters does not cheapen what hero stands for. They all, that day, put their lives on the line knowing it was a 50/50 chance of making it out. They all had decisions to not go through with it, even if it were their jobs. It is wrong to say they were just doing there jobs. Tell that to those you have lost a loved one from that tragic day. They deserve everything they receive and more.

The total amount of fire fighter that gave their lives in the world trade center incident racked up to 343 deaths. Thats not even including the police, and paramedics. The amount of casualties all together, including the civilian, hijackers, and workers equal up to 2,606. That’s a lot, but not all deserve the rank or achievement to be called an hero. Civilians and workers shouldn’t be in that category, but they were innocent. Nothing that they have done was heroic. The Police, Paramedics, and Fire Fighters on the other side had done not only a good deed to the community, but also gave their lives to try and save as many as possible knowing the consequences, and also knowing they have a family back home waiting for their return. Heroes are what they are and many, not just myself believe they deserve the recognition.

In the Hero Inflation written by Nicholas Thompson states that even though “343 Fire fighters died in the world trade center”, “Although the Firemen died in the trade center bravely fought the flames and led the evacuation, they did so as workers doing the best they could in their jobs”. I agree, but to a certain degree. Though it was their job to do as told and trained to be, but like i said earlier they have a choice. They have a conscious, that makes him or her think. Should i go or not? They had a decision to back out, disobeyed protocol and abort mission. They basically signed up to put their lives on the line. I’m not saying they do it on a day to day basis, but there will come a time, were they will have to put all the training, and everything that was leaned to work. To say that they aren’t heroes and just plain out doing their job is luduchris. They went in as a father, brother, friend, doing a good deed to the community, and also to be a helpers hand. I feel like they are being disrespected for not giving what belongs to them, and that would be a heroes rank and honor.

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