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Guidance Record Management System

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This chapter presents Background of the study, which explains and gives some backgrounds and information about the Guidance Record Management System; the Objectives of the study which gives the goals of this project; the Scope and Limitations of the study which specifies the software being used by the developer in making this project, who are going to use it, when was it develop, and where was the project develop; lastly, the Significance of the study which tells about the importance of developed project and who will be the beneficiaries of this project.

Background of the Study
The University of South Australia offers a Graduate Certificate, a graduate diploma, and an MSc in Business Information Management and Library and Information Management with a specialist stream in records management. The Australian National University offers a six-week e-learning course worldwide, in Electronic Document and Records Management. In addition, Columbia University offers its Masters of Science in Information & Digital Resource Management (IDRM). Schools in Canada also provide specialized education opportunities in records management. The Faculty of Information at the University of Toronto allows students in the Master of Information program to concentrate their studies in Archives and Records Management. The School of Information Studies at McGill University also includes an Archival Management stream that is enriched in records management coursework. Lastly, Mahonri Academy and Science High School developed Guidance Record Management System to lessen time consuming in finding records of the student. This project will also help the guidance councilor to make her task easier and faster (source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Records_management).

Objectives of the Study
This project was developed to minimize the paper works of the guidance councilor in Mahonri Academy and Science High School. This is also developed to make their task easier and faster. The purpose of the project was to develop for error-free data input and processing. Even before the utilization of computer technology, humans were responsible of inspecting all the documents and reports introduced by or into company business process. Because humans are fallible, the transactions were often inaccurate, resulting in wasted time and effort. As the volume of data being processed and stored increases, it becomes more difficult for individuals to review all input data. Specifically, the project can:

a.)register multiple users;
b.)update and delete records;
c.)search student’s information;
d.)backup database
Scope and Limitations of the Study
The Guidance Record Management System was developed using Microsoft Visual Basic 2008 Express Edition, Microsoft Access for the database, Adobe Photoshop for the Graphical User Interface to design the backgrounds and Adobe After Effects for the Introduction. This project was developed by Information Technology student from University of Perpetual Help System during the 1st Semester of SY 2012-2013 for the benefit of Guidance Councilor of Mahonri Academy and Science High School.

This project covers the record of student’s behavior. However, the grades of the students are not included in this project.

Significance of the Study
This project will benefit the following:
Guidance Councilor/ School Faculty: This project will reduce labor requirements for the creation, organization, retrieval and dissemination of recorded information School Administrator. This project will reduce the time and effort required to reconstruct vital information in the event of disaster, theft, and other losses. School. Every organization, public or private, needs a comprehensive program for protecting its vital records and information from catastrophe or disaster, because every organization is vulnerable to loss. Programmers and System Analyst. This will help them in order to enhance and to improve their skills in programming and analyzing system.

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