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Green Technology

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Green Technology is environmentally friendly, developed, and used in away so that is does not disturb our environment and conserves natural resources. It has also been known as the “clean technology). This is a promise of a healthier plant. There are many examples of green technology in this world that most people are unaware they do on a daily basis. One of the important aspects is renewable energy that is eco-friendly. We all know that coal, oil, and gas are fossil fuels and that these are all non-renewable energy sources. This non-renewable energy is the greatest sources in the world. The supply is lessening, and of course its prices will go up. There are many examples of green technology. Green Technology allows many organizations and scientist to be more responsible and consider eco-friendly designs in their inventions, architecture, gadgets and vehicles. More and more companies have provided efforts in manufacturing and designing their products so it will add to the global effort to encourage others in helping and conserving our only planet.

I will go over some examples of green technology. Energy is one example of green technology, this perhaps is the most urgent issue, it includes the development of alternate fuel and new means of generating energy. The Building of green building is a way to encompass the choice of which materials to use to where your building is located. There is also environmentally preferred purchasing, this is a government innovation that involves searching products which contents and methods of production have the smallest possible impact on the environment. Next is green chemistry, this involves the invention design and application of a chemical product that process to reduce and eliminate the use and generation of hazardous substances. Then there is green nanotechnology, this involves the manipulation of materials at a scale of the nanometer, Scientists believe that mastering this subject is forthcoming and will transform the way everything is manufactured.

There are many types of green technology that are out there. A few of them are Renewable energy, which includes: wind power, hydro power, solar power, and biomass power, reusing and recycling, energy efficiency, and natural resources. Wind power is a very simple process. A wind turbine converts the motion of wind into mechanical energy that is used to generate electricity. The energy is then fed through a generator and is then converted a second time into electrical energy, then fed into the grid to be transmitted to a power station. Hydro power is generated using the mechanical energy of flowing water by forcing it through piping called a penstock, which then turns a generator in order to produce electricity. Solar power is solar cells that are from silicon absorb the sun’s radiation, also called photovoltaic cells. The photovoltaic process involves the movement and displacement of electrons to absorb the sun’s radiation and create electricity. Biomass powers are plants that burn biomass fuel in boilers to heat water and turn a steam turbine to create electricity.

Biomass fuel is everything from wood to landfill trash, which is currently being used to convert into methane for the production of dry natural gas. Reusing and recycling is an easy way to help our planet. Recycling cans, bottles, newspapers and plastics is a means of sending the material back to be melted, remolded and reused by manufacturers. By taking reusable bags when we go shopping will helps to keep plastic out of the landfills. Energy Efficiency is to use less energy but still provide the same service. By replacing a single pane window in your house with an energy efficient one will help to keep the heat out during the summer and the heat in during the winter. This helps to save energy. By replacing appliance, such as a refrigerator, washer and dryer, or office equipment, like a computer or printer, with a more energy-efficient model, it provides the same service, but will use less energy. This helps save money on energy bills. Focusing on recycling is one of the easiest things people can do. This will be an added benefit to less trash to be picked up. The more we recycle the less we throw away.

There are a few benefits of going green. Let’s start with the saving of the Earth. This seems pretty obvious, but I am not sure many people know of the collective actions that have done a huge amount of damage to our planet are the same collective actions that can save it. Saving the Earth is one of the biggest benefits of going green. Going green can save our health. There are many people who are unaware of the dangers there are in our household cleaning supplies. I was one of them. By switching to a greener cleaning supply to eating more organic foods taking small steps will impact our own personal health is a positively way. Most of the attention in going green is focused on the cars we drive, the foods we eat, or the chemicals we use to grow our foods. Twenty percent of energy is used every year in the U.S. comes from home heating and cooling. Instead of always turning to the air conditioner when it is warm, turn off the lights and open the windows this lets in fresh air. This will help to lower the toxins in our home.

Newer homes these days are being built air tight, which do not allow for air circulation this can cause the buildup of toxins. There are many over the counter household cleaning supplies that are full of harsh chemicals and toxins. These can cause a multitude of issues with your eyes, lungs, skin, and are even worse in kids and pets. There are many companies like Seventh Generation or Dr. Myers that offer green cleaning products. But what most people do not know is that there are some household products in our cabinets that can be used. Vinegar is actually an excellent cleaner. If you take vinegar and add it to water it works as a glass cleaner and replaces windex. If you use vinegar and baking soda it makes a great natural abrasive for tough stains.

The EPA (environmental protection act) that properly configured programmable thermostats can save 2,000 pounds of greenhouse emissions per year. If every home installed a thermostat it would save 150 billion pounds of greenhouse emissions a year. This will also help to save ten percent on your energy costs. Hot water heaters are the third largest energy user in most homes. These are usually set at 140 degrees. The U.S. department of Energy states that for every 10 degrees reduction in water temperature can save a household anywhere from 3-5 percent in energy costs. This will also help the water heater to last longer, as it helps with reducing the mineral buildup.

The 21 century is being called the “Century of the Environment”. We can no longer assume that the challenges like pollution, dwindling, natural resource, and climate changes will be set aside for future generations. With research, education, relationships with industries and governments will play a role in building a greener future community by community. Having green technology around has the prospects for success has never been greater. It is also a prospect of growing businesses that can sustain health. The headquarters for a green technology is based in California. California has the world’s eighth largest economy. The state sets the standards to support this. California has made a commitment to a green future.

There are many things that are included in the rapidly growing field of green technology; these include sustainability, cradle to cradle design, source reduction innovation, and viability. Sustainability is meeting the needs of society in ways that will continue into the future without damaging or depleting natural resources. Cradle to cradle is creating products that can be fully reused. Source reduction is reducing waste and pollution by changing production and consumption. Innovation would be developing an alternate to technologies like fossil fuel or chemical intensive these have been known to damage health and the environment. Viability creates economic activities around technology and products that benefit and create new careers that will truly protect the planet.

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