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Globalisation of Samsung

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1. To what extent has globalisation impacted upon local identities? Illustrate your argument with an original example.

Positive impacts of globalistation

It brings Wealth and foreign currency to local economies when they buy local resources, products and services; extra money could be put to good cause such as education, health and infrastructure

Intro what it is 250
Para positives 300
Para negatives 300
Example 350
Conclusion 300

Globalisation is the process of interconnection and transfer of trade and cultural identities between various countries. This process has allowed large corporations, predominately from the western world, to expand and become Multinational Corporations (MNC’s) or Transnational Corporations (TNC’s) and this is done by opening branch’s and means of business in several different countries. A popular example of this is McDonalds as the company was originally opened in 1955, California and now in 2013 has over 30,000 restaurants in 195 countries. As it is difficult to regulate this process, some MNC’s are responsible for the exploitation of globalisation and it is evident that there are both a large number of organisations doing so and also various ways to do it. On the other hand, there are several benefits of globalisation which are overshadowed by the negative implications.

Some examples of this include the positive affects the process has over a developing economy and also the sharing of concepts and experiences can give any country, regardless of their economic strength to learn about native foods, music and other merchandises not previously accessible in their countries. Globalisation’s relevance is due to the persistent concerns of communities feeling that their identities are becoming somewhat over shadowed by one of which from a foreign land. The example used to illustrate the argument of globalisation on local identities is Hip-Hop music and this was chosen because it is a strong example of Westernisation as it has become one of the most popular music genres worldwide despite it being started from a small city in New York; the ever growing popularity of Hip-Hop has inclined from being just a musical genre to a worldwide culture. The purpose of this essay is to portray the power of cultural imperialism on local identities through the example on Hip-Hop music.

As previously stated above, the process of globalisation comes with both negative and positive connotations. The main of which that are negative are derived from the sole fact that it holds the blame for the erosion of local identities. Marshall McLuhan and Quentin Fiore (1967) wrote that we live in a ‘global village’. They suggested that time and space are vanishing, and that people from all over the world can communicate with one another simultaneously, as if they all lived in the same village. Mcluhan, M. and Fiore, Q (1967) the Medium is the Massage. Globalisation involves the idea that the world has shrunk, notably as a result of new technology and the media, and that the populations of virtually every country in the world now have almost instant access to cultures and societies that were once so far away from us that they were just considered ‘foreign’. Now we can all see, hear and read about much of what goes on in the world, often in real time or real time only the slightest of delays. Due to this, a successful mass-media product often has to appeal to worldwide markets if it is to monopolise. Hip

Cultural-easiest way to see it
When examining globalisation

Strengthening alliances
Impacts social developments

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