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Genetically Evolved Technology

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Question 1: Will believers in Intelligent Design be able to embrace the incredibly promising and innovative solutions outlined in Luke Bawazer’s Tedtalk while rejecting Darwin’s theory? Explain why or why not. Before you can totally reject someone’s theory you have to understand where the scientist is coming from as well as understanding the idea completely. Also, know that scientist improve upon or develop new ideas based on theories done by previous scientists. We have two scientist who have two similar, but different beliefs. Darwin is survivalist and Bawazer who see the future as manufacturing cells for a specific compound.

Darwin believed that an organism’s ability to survive would be depicted by the environment. Bawazer wants to focus on taking full advantage of DNA and what it offers. Bawazer gets his inspiration from living organisms like teeth and to make genetically evolved technology. “Biomolecules can be used to build inorganic based electronic devices” (Bawazaer) The idea is to take electrically charged molecules and use them in technology like computer chips. The believers in Intelligent Design can’t fully embrace Bawazer innovative solutions while rejecting Darwin because Darwin’s theory still plays in certain aspects of Bawazer’s theory.

You can limit how much you want to believe, but rejecting the idea altogether isn’t possible. The genes that would manufactured from the droplet of microfluidics (droplet of water) would in a controlled area in a laboratory. However, Bawazer says that each gene in the gene pool would able to grow, but only the fittest will be chosen. This is the same concept as Darwin, but the genes don’t have enemy except itself. Bawazer’s theory and Darwin’s theory are similar, but one talks about animals while the other is talking about technological advances.

Question 2: How does the science discussed by Bawazer relate to Bronowski’s belief about science as imaginative and creative? Bronowski retells the story of when Newton was hit on the head by an apple which got him thinking about gravity and how it works. Newton wondered what else gravity affected not only on earth, but potentially as far out as the moon. His gravity theory wasn’t taking seriously at first, but proved itself to other scientists. Bawazer’s theory of taking a living organism and trying to give life to inanimate objects falls in the same path as Newton’s idea about gravity.

The idea of taking a living organism and attempting to harness its power has never been done before. When an idea is new it is hard to change people’s mind, but in any case it is possible. Since Bawazer theory has never been attempted before it fits into Bronowski’s belief about science being imaginative and creative. Bawazer has to be able to be creative enough when it comes to what organisms he chooses to work with. Right now Bawazer is using the skeletons of the sea sponge which is made of silica and the silica is his main focus.

“It has seized a likeness between two unlike appear-ances; for the apple in the summer garden and the grave moon overhead are surely as unlike in their movements as two things can be. ” (Bronowski) Bawazer may not be dealing with apples and the moon, but he is a likeness is the sense that living organisms might have the potential to give life to non-living objects. Question 3: Does Bawazer’s discussion of the dawning of a new scientific paradigm mean the same thing Kuhn means by paradigm shift? Bawazer discussion of the dawning of a new scientific paradigm does mean the same thing as Kuhn means of paradigm shift.

“Normal science” “means research firmly based upon one or more past scientific achievements. ” (Kuhn) Bawazer got his foundation from Darwin’s theory of natural selection. He is taking DNA from a living organism and then letting it develop in a controlled environment. While still taking the fittest he is giving each DNA the ability to because the fittest to use. However, Darwin’s theory was based on animals where Bawazer is taking the living organism and putting into a non-living object like a battery. There are other scientist that Bawazer can draw knowledge from, but Darwin’s theory has a better foundation for his idea.

The paradigm shift would be seen in the area of microbiology-engineering. Bawazer is taking the microbiology which stemmed with ocean life particularly dealing with the sea sponge and then engineering side which is the technology like batteries. The idea of bacteria being placed into batteries as its power source and taking the organisms from a sea sponge is revolutionary. It could not only push science to whole new level, but assist other fields. For example, it could help the medical field make advances with treatments or implants for the body.

It might take some time for the idea to get the backing from others, but as long as Bawazer gets positive results and people like what they see he will be able to get more people on board with genetically evolved technology.

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