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Functions of Research to Health and Social Care

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WHAT IS RESEARCH? It is a planned process whereby information is collected for a specific purpose, analysed and reported. FUNCTIONS OF RESEARCH TO HEALTH AND SOCIAL CARE: Research might have so many different functions or aims which are as follows: identifying needs, highlighting gaps in provision, planning provision, informing policy or practice, extending knowledge and understanding, improving practice, aiding reflection, allowing progress to be monitored and examining topics of contemporary importance. IDENTIFYING NEEDS: Research principles are being use to identify the needs of all individuals by health and social care workers who are responsible in care planning. A manager in a care home observe an individual resident may point out that they may need more help with personal care and discuss this with the individual. The information which are being collected help the professional to make correct decisions about treatment or care to meet the individuals need.

The main needs of an individual can be the same to those of others but, before a new treatment or care plane is being introduced for everyone, it is very important to carry out a main study, or research project, to investigate the benefits of others. So many organisations for example charities who are trying to improve the care of individuals with some main diseases and disorders through research. Their research can be focus on better diagnosis so that they can identified their needs earlier or specifically for example through screening or by researching the physiological aspects of the disease so that treatment can be more carefully targeted to interact with the body’s systems and tissues to slow the progress of the disease or to cure it. HIGHLIGHTING GAPS IN PROVISIO

P1: EXPLAIN THE FUNCTION OF RESEACH IN HEALTH AND SOCIAL CARE UNDERSTAND ETHICAL ISSUES RELATED TO RESEACH IN HEALTH AND SOCIAL CARE Ethical principles of research: Ethics are the act of stating which the main aim reflects the right and wrong behaviour of the society.Morso, morals are codes which are not written setting out what is important or correct to be agree or disagree behaviour, ethics are code which are been writing that shows the views of the society’s of what is right. In some places, we have guidelines that are known internationally and give a framework for ethical research and this help to push the ethics codes that apply to research carried out in the NHS and universities in the UK.Code of conduct or practice for health and social care professional do not specific include research but the underlying principles of professional practice would be following the same pattern with expectations for ethical research. Below are some ethics principles that support with evidence all research. * Protecting individuals

* Making sure that all individuals only participate voluntarily * Making sure that any personal information relating to the research is treated confidentially. * To specify that the plan for any research project is subject to independent close observation by experts. Even though codes of ethics are written down, they are not known as rules, but it is given to set the boundaries of what is and is not an acceptable way to conduct research PROTECTING INDIVIDUALS FROM HARM: This principle is to make sure that researchers put into consideration the possible effects of their research on the participants. For example, we have the participant rights and feelings should be put into consideration when planning the project and collecting the data from the individuals.

Harm should not be course by Research or wishing evils to others, but this should be taking in the context of the research being undertaken. Even thought it might not be acceptable for a researcher to cause a patient with mental illness to become very distressed when being asked questions about mental health.Againg, if tests for an anti-cancer drug made a patients hair to fall out, this can be seen as harm which is agree under the principle of beneficence, if the drug destroys the cancerous growth and the patient survives the cancer. Another meaning for getting information consent is informing participants how what they contribute is going to advance the research. Before accepting to participate, they have to accept to participate, including the following bellow. * Overall, the main idea or reasons for the research.

* Thinks that are being expected from those who participate in the research * They also have to put into consideration any risk that might involved I taking part, for example how data is being generated from participation might contribute to the research. * The state or condition from being able to withdraw at any time from the research. Research should inform those who are taking part in it clearly Manner about their rights. For example the we have the above example whereby the patients who was distressed cold have been warned early enough for possible effects.moreso,the patient who had cancer should be inform quickly for possible effects. Those participating in the research can withdraw from the research while the study is in progress or withdraw their own data from any report of the study. Those participating should make sure they use person al judgement to take part or not according to their own faculty of risks which involve participating. However, it is also important to withhold some information from taking part so as to stop knowledge about the research affecting how the participants respond. CONFIDENTIALITY

Researchers must make sure that data from cannot be trace back to some individuals. The researcher need to make good systems for collection and processing of the data that do not show the identity of those participating, but can make all the data from anyone who participate to be linked.Mostoften this will involve representing everyone who take part by a unique code reference, than their names, so the state of being unknown is maintained. ETHICAL APPROVAL: All research which takes place in the NHS, care settings, the community or in university departments needs ethical approval. The research should not start before the approval has been received, but if it happens, any data that has been prior collected to the approval date has to be cancel or whip out. Organisations which include NHS, charities and university departments have formal procedures for the ethical approval process.

The specially designed form is being submitted by the researcher to present the important information about the proposed research project to the ethical committee. A research ethics committee is made up of some individuals who exactly evaluate each idea in relation to the ethical implications of the planned research. An ethics committee might accept, reject or ask for modifications and resubmission of a research proposal.NHS ethics committees are made up of health and care professionals and scientists, who contribute technical and research expertise to the discussion, and also lay members contributing as representatives of the general public. Having ethical approval for a research project is consuming time, mostly it takes many months. Any research that involves individuals who are vulnerable such as patients, children or individual using care setting, can only be approved if the study was being carried out by professionals.

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