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Four Functions of Management Persuasive

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A manager’s role is to lead his or her organization to clearly stated objectives. In order to do this the manager must use all his or her resources in an organized attempt to achieve those goals. This will require the manager to lead, plan, organize, and control the company or organization’s employees. Each manager within an organization will have different roles and responsibilities-based on his or her position within the organization. From the team leader who has a more hands-on task of the day-to-day responsibilities of the organization, to the Chief Executive Officer who also has the day-to-day responsibilities of the organization but also evaluates and sets out the goals for the organization. In order for the manager to become effective in all roles of management, he or she needs to have good communication, time management as well as public relation skills.

The planning function incorporates the vision, mission, objective and goals of an organization; this is the first step in the four functions of management. In order for a successful manager to obtain these goals he or she needs to evaluate where the company or organization wants to go, and how the company will get there. This will require the manager to make decisions based on what the company or organization wants to happen in the future. This is the initiation function in management that embodies the other four functions. To encourage flexibility and initative within the organization the manager will often leave the how to those individuals responsible for carrying out the plan.

“Organizing is the process of developing an orderly way for bringing together the physical and human resources that are essential to accomplish the goals for the organizaiton” (Montana & Charnov, 2000, pg 182). A manager can not properly organize without knowing what the specific goals and objectives of the organization are. Once the goals and objectives are realized from the planning function then it is time to organize the organization to obtain these goals and objectives. In order to effectivly organize a manager needs to define the work that needs to be performed to meet the objectives and goals within the organization. The manager must also divide work between employees so as to accomplish the most within a shorter time.

Leading is the most critical stage of the four functions of management. This is the role that the manager must be able to motivate his or her employees. “Leading now is more closely related to coaching or mentoring than to commanding” (Buhler, pg. xxi). In todays business practice it is not uncommon for a manager to be called a team leader or coach instead of a manager. The managers of today are hired to motivate and coach employees in order for the company to meet the objectives and goals that are set out.

Controlling is the function that monitors progress so the manager is able to implement changes if necessary. This step ensures that all goals are being realized and met to satisfactory standards. This is an ongoing process of regulating activities to ensure that performance standards are being met. Most phases of the controlling function are performed by supervisors and lower-level management. This may include that the manager controls quality, safety, and productivity within the organizaiton.

Within the school district teachers and principals are management. The job of the teacher is to plan, organize, lead and control his or her classroom. The teacher will plan lessons that are to be taught to students. This will lead to the organization of the classroom and motivating students to do his or her best on all subjects that are taught. The principals job is to lead his or her school to a positive outcome regarding the education of every student within the school. “Lambert emphasizes that a school must build its own teacher leaders as if to stay afloat, assume internal responsibility for reform, and manitain a monument of self renewal” (Childs-Bowen, D., Moller, G. & Scrivner, J. pg. 2). Principals do not always stay at the same school, but most teaching staff stay at a school for a long period of time. The principal needs to motivate his or her teaching staff to complete desired goals and objectives even after he or she is gone. In comparing the principal and teachers to a line assembly work, the principal operates as the foreman while the teachers are the assembly workers. Both parties are actively involved in teaching the students and encouraging them to perform at his or her best.

These four functions are the basic elements of the managerial process. Managers deal rapidly with a variety of issues and fragmented information and rely on a number of individuals to accomplish an organizations goals and objectves. Being able to utilize all resources that are at hand a manager will be able to clearly lead his or her organization to the desired goals and create a work enviornment for the organization’s employees that is functional and effecient. A manager does not have to be an individual within a large organization but can also be a teacher, principal, or someone who owns and runs his or her own small business.


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