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Ford vs. Chevrolet

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There has always been the debate of who makes the best one-ton diesel. Ford and Chevrolet have been competing for the title of the best truck in the work industry for over fifty years. Ford has the F-350 and Chevrolet has the 3500. Two ways to compare these two machines is through there performance and durability. The two trucks are good work trucks but you do not just want a good truck, you want the best for the job and the best is Fords F-350. Chevrolets performance is good at best. Chevrolet„¢s 3500 have a 6.6-liter V8 turbo diesel engine with a hydramtic six-speed transmission allowing for 365 horsepower and 660 pounds of torque. This large engine and turbo give the truck only 14 mpg in the city and 18 on the highway. That is horrible when the competition is getting two more miles to the gallon. Chevrolet„¢s payload or weight capacity is 5,309 pounds. The cargo volume is 75 cubic feet. There is room for up to six passengers uncomfortably as the backseat has little legroom or width. The problem with the light payload capacity and the small cargo volume means more trips, which means more money spent on diesel and wasted time. The Chevrolet 3500 also has small rear leaf springs, which do not support the heavy payload putting to much stress on the truck itself and can lead to bending the frame.

Chevrolet just does not cut it for suspension on such a heavy truck. You do not want the truck to have suspension problems because it takes away from the handling and gas mileage. The towing capability for the Chevrolet 3500 is average at best. The truck has a trailer weight rating of 16,000 pounds and that is after purchasing a hitch for the gooseneck trailer. The trucks gross vehicle weight rating is 11,500 pounds. This proves the Chevrolet 3500 is not as good as their leading competitors in the diesel industry giving them a disadvantage. The Ford F-350 is a beast and its performance is amazing. With 6.4-liter power stroke twin turbo V8 diesel engine, the F-350 pumps out 350 horsepower and 650 pounds of torque. Another plus for the F-350 is that the torque shift transmission is a smart transmission that compensates for the altitude, grade and load. It also has a 3-plate, 2-stage torque converter to reduce noise when the converter is locked up. Advanced fuel injection technology also trumps the Chevy 3500, as the diesel burns cleaner and more efficient. This allows for better mileage for an average of 16 miles per gallon in town and 19 miles per gallon on the highway. The better gas mileage allows saving time and money at the pump and is able to have a smaller fuel tank to lessen the weight so you can haul a larger load.

The F-350s payload makes the Chevrolet look like a toy compared to the Ford with a max payload of 6,190 pounds. Bigger payload means less trips, which means the F-350, saves you time and money. The truck has a cargo volume of approximately 80 cubic feet. The F-350 also seat up to six like the Chevrolet but it has much more legroom and cargo space compared to the Chevrolet, Ford has the largest cabin space of all three American made one-ton trucks, it is even bigger than Dodges mega cab. Ford„¢s towing capability also comes out ahead of Chevrolet with an astounding 21,000 pounds of towing mastery. The Ford even has a gooseneck ball in the bed of the truck that can be turned upside down and flat so you do not have to be fumbling with wrenches and grease taking the gooseneck attachment out of the Chevrolet. This enables the owner to haul more items in the truck and pull a heavier trailer. The gross weight rating of the f-350 is 15,000 pounds almost a half more than the 3500. Making the ford a bigger stronger work truck.

The durability is also a great way to compare these two trucks. Chevy has a weak suspension; the front end has trouble according to diesel power.com and has small rear leaf springs, which allows the weight in the truck bed to put to much strain on the frame. The Chevrolet 3500 is not built well enough to put up with the stress of an every day work truck The frame of Chevrolets 3500 is weak compared to Fords F-350 as it has more twist, bend to it, and is not fully boxed like the Ford, which means it is not a solid molded frame. The frame is bolted to the chassis with small bolts you could find at a local hardware store, are very thin, and look like they could break with to much frame twist. The corrosion warranty on the Chevy expires after 100,000 miles and does not even have the option for locking hubs. Chevrolet also has a 100,000-mile power train warranty, which is a good warranty, but Chevrolet is infamously known that after 100,000 miles hit be prepared to replace many parts. On the other hand, you could buy another Chevrolet and have happen again in 100,000 miles. Ford has a great suspension and has large rear leaf springs helping the payload not to damage the suspension.

The truck also comes with Rancho shocks, which are some of the best shocks on the market for large trucks like the Ford F-350 The Frame of the F-350 is fully boxed for strength, durability, and the cross members are both riveted and welded and the front end is entirely welded. The front end of the 350 is also hydro-forked which makes the F -350 lighter, safer and stronger as well as more fuel-efficient. The corrosion warranty on fords F-350 is unlimited and the chassis is attached to the frame with bolts that look like there off a tank. The F-350 also has locking hubs helping with traction and stability of the large truck. The F-350 also has a 100,000-mile warranty but will run much longer than the Chevrolet 3500 with fewer problems and is a better more comfortable truck.

According to dieselpower.com, the Ford F-350 is for the man who owns more than one ranch and the Chevrolet 3500 is for the Grandpa who does nothing but haul a camper trailer. Both the F-350 and Chevy 3500 are good work trucks, but which truck is number one? Comparing everything from the engine to the rear leaf springs Ford comes out ahead every time with the Chevrolet falling apart in the rear. The trucks are both around the same price with Ford being a little less expensive and have more standard luxury items. Both of these big work trucks do the job but Chevrolet struggles in some areas. The best one-ton diesel work truck is Fords F-350 in every aspect, but I will leave that decision up to you the buyer. Make the right decision dive a Ford.

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