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Food Safety

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1-What type of hazard could occur by wearing jewelry while preparing food? A-Physical and biological
2- The greatest concern about having the pests in restaurants is that they will ———– A-?
3-bactarial growth can be minimized by
A- Time temperature oxygen moisture
4-The term sanitizing is defind as:
A- Reducing harmful microorganism to safe level
5-The proper sequence for cleaning food contact in a three compartment sink is: A- Wash,rinse and sanitize
6- Which will be the best method for cleaning and sanitizing equipments that cant be placed in dish machine or three compartment A-clean rinse and sanatize in place
7- what term refer to allowing food to remain for too ong a time in a temperature that allows the growth of germs A- Time temperature abuse
8-Rachel used 10 times the bleach required for making a sanitizing solution this is conciderd a : A- Chemical Hazard
9-All of the following are acceptable methods for training food service personal on management practices except:—– A-open book exam
10-An outbreak of salmonella is commonly associated with———— A-undercooked poultry
11-John is normally a cook at fast food establishment but is reassigned to cleaning tables what symptoms does john likely have have to cause him to be re assigned? A-?
12- Hot water at the hand sink should be at least —-
A-100* F
13-which of the following food continers in the store rooms must be labeled A-Flour
14-Customer forks should be stored at a self service buffet—– A-with only the handler extending out of the container
15-To ensure it is of highest quality and free from contaimination frsh fish should only be received if ittt has — A-Shiny skin and red gills at 41*for lower
16- which is the approved method for storing in use utensils? A-In the food with handle extending out
17- HACCp is a —-
A-Management system designed to prevent foodborn illness
18-The purpose of the texas food establishment food rules is to safe guard the public health and to — A-provide consumer safe,unadulterated honestly presented food 19-storeage of highest to lowest shelf in refrigerator

20-An employee who is assigned to clean the frozen desser dispenser at the end of the night must use CIP system CIP is an acronym for — A-clean in place
21-An establishment must use potable water for all food related tasks which of the following is an example of potable water? A-Drinking water
22-During the inspection a health inspector must see the person incharge demonstrate knowledge adequately which of the following meets that requirement? A-?
23-when cooling food wht is the maximum time that the food can be in the 135* to 70*F range ? A-Two hours
24-In a café the server developed a routine to set the table wares napkins while also taking lunch break the health inspector— A-was concerned because of the potential for mouth to hand contaimination 25-A prep cook must be sure to wash hands well—–

A-before using th restroom befor leaving the restroom before coming back to kitchen *all of these conditions 26-Paturized liquid or dry eggs products shall be substituted for raw shell eggs when ver — A-?

27-A trained cheff whi also worked at zoo which creature is he allowed to care for or handle while at the restaurant? A-fish in the aqyuireium
28-what r the rues for storing food cold
A-Labled with date received and use by date,if a pckage is opend date when it was opened ,The frozen food must be proper wraped to avoid freezer burns . All above needed 29-can a food handler taste the food to adjust seasoning

A-yes but the utensil must be used once
30-During an inspection amanger asked inspector about can opener cleaning he
said can be A- Chemical metallic and physical is wrong
31-cutting boards can be syrfaced or cleaned or discard?
A-cleaned and sanitized
32- machine is sanitizing when strip is 25 to 50 200 to 400 12,5 to 25 ppm A-12.5-25 ppm
33-what is minimum internal temperature ofr the cooking fresh pork raost? A-160*F
34-four steps in the cleaning is cleaning surface,rinsing the surface,sanitizing surface and — A-Allowing the surface to air dry
35-All of the steps are important ensuring sanitizer effectiveness except A-Rinsing the surface afterwards
36-raw animal foods shall be separated unless
A-combined as ingrediants
37-approved sanitizer foin food service include chlorine iodine quantery ammonia and A-Water above 171 F
38-The enire handwashing process should take  A-20 seconds
39-which is an example of cross contamination  A-A hose in mop bucket
40-minimum standard of ppm  A-50
41-employees must change gloves between A-Handling raw meat and buns
42-which is proper way to test the internal temperature of a pot soup A-An emrsion prob into the soup
43-the best way to train food service employee on making sandwich is A-Show/tell/do/ review
44-Chemical sanitizer are in a concentrated form and should be mixed only with A-water
45-All of the followings are effective ways to prevent cross contaminations except A-rinsing fod contact surface in between tasks
46-NSF stands for
A-National sanitation foundation
47-food service managers must oversee safe food practices at all times one way to do that is to A create a master cleaning scheduling
48-Clean dishes mut —before they are stored  A-Air dried
49-the best way to avoid seafood and mushroom toxins is  A-?
50 -All are example of food contact except A-New cutting board
51-PHF stabds for  A-Potentially hazardous fppd
52-what is the accurate method calibrate thermametr A-15 seconds into ice
53-Non absorbant material are required in all areas of food service facility except A-Dining room
54-Insect control device must —-and must be able to retain the electrocuted insect inside the device A-Not be installed over food prep area
55-The lightning required in the walkin cooler is —- foot candles A-10
56-If hot water is not available in ware washing the establishment still can serve food using A- Single use utensils
57-what is the active ingredient in all fda hand sanitizer
58-The best way for food handler to have a beverage in work area is to A-Keep a beverage in a cup with lid and a straw
59-foo handler makes pot of soup to check with customers
A-ask employees they r not allowed to bring food in 60-shellstovk idenfication tags should have harvest id harvest date and location type of shell fish atetment proclaiming that A-tag must be kept for 90 days
61-To prevent contamination make sure
A-ready to eat food are stored separately from raw uncooked food 62-All of following can be stored in water /ice except
A-Raw vegitable

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