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Five Year Career Development Plan

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My goal is to be a senior engineer and be very familiar with research and development particulars. Then I would shift into the business side and learn how to efficiently and effectively run a company, so that I may put up my own company and create job opportunities. In the next three to five years, my objectives are to impart my full potentials to an organization that merits growth and to utilize and enrich my engineering, research, and development skills.

            Presently, I am a cadet engineer at Eazix Inc. I graduated with the bachelor’s degree Bachelor of Science in Electronics and Communications Engineering (BS ECE) major in Wireless Communications on November 2007. I am skilled in (1) microwave engineering design, simulation, lay-out, tests and measurements, (2) printed circuit board (PCB) lay-out and fabrication, and (3) I am knowledgeable on antennas and wireless propagation. I have had good hands-on technical training on wireless communication devices, circuits and systems, as well as RF instrumentation and techniques. I plan to attend the master’s degree Master of Science in Electrical Engineering (MS EE) major in Computers and Communications (CC), I want to extend my education and learn more.

End of Year 1 (EOY 1): After a year in graduate school, I should have learned new skills and techniques and be able to apply them in my working environment. Learning and being able to applying is a great development. I would be able to do and complete more job assignments. I would learn and absorb everything I could.

EOY 2: After earning my masters degree, I should have been promoted to a block leader, the one who leads two to three people in designing a particular block in a project – process or technique for the development or improvement of a product or service. With this, I would be able to get started on team-building – handling and leading not just myself and other people as well. I would work hard; I would make sure every block we handle is completed flawlessly and efficiently.

            EOY 3: After a year as a block leader, there is the opportunity to be promoted to a section leader, the one who leads three to five blocks in building a particular section in a project. I would be able to extend and advance on my leadership skills. I would continue working hard, extending the flawlessness and efficiency of each block to the entire section.

            EOY 4: After being a section head for a year, I should have been given the opportunity to be promoted to a senior engineer, the one who supervises all sections and the completion of the project itself. With this, I would be able to have a larger picture of how a project is worked on. I would learn the particulars surrounding a project, from its conception to its completion.

            EOY 5: After a year as a senior engineer, I should have become an official in the research and development (R&D) department of the company. As an official, I join other officials in deciding what projects to propose to the top company officials, projects that will be completed by the R&D department. This point is already very satisfying; this position is all any average engineer could ever ask for.

            To reach my career goals and objectives, I would act and put my plan into motion. I would analyze, afterwards, how I acted and if I am still on track. There might be deviations because of potential barriers; for example, I might not get promoted on the times I am expecting them due to employee competition or my lack of more work experience. I would adapt based on my analysis and re-focus my direction if needed. I am open to the possibility that I might need to revise this career development plan or create a new one all throughout. The bottom line, I would act, analyze and adapt.

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