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Feeding Program

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Feeding programs are basically conducted mostly on places on which poverty can be seen. Most of these projects are difficult to execute especially considering the supplies and resources to be used as well funds to conduct. The issue of food security and hunger has never been more crucial than what it is today. First of the problems to be addressed as mentioned earlier where to get the funds, how to get the right resources and when will the supplies last for every program considering the number included on the programs.


Target of this program would be, of course, children from the age of 3 years old up until 7 years old of which under malnutrition. Planning with the aid of Parents’ association at the Barangay Sta. Lucia, San Juan City is mostly important on this, we can explain and inform them the benefits and advantages of the said program. It will also help in regards with the campaign enabling us to persuade more people to have their children participate. Coordinating with the Barangay officials would be a mandated in conducting this program for it to be legit as well to gain credibility within the area. Based on our survey there are children attending in school but they’re malnourished at the said barangay. Because their parents do not have enough money to buy nutritious food. Sometimes their food is instant noodles and sardines.

Rationale and Relevance

The rationale of this program is mainly of providing those children the amount of nutrition they lack. More of a social contribution to the community. We do not limit ourselves on social responsibilities and obligations we are capable of executing. Also proving and showing that professionals-to-be can contribute as much like any other citizen. In addition, the relevance of this program is awareness not only to families and children that will participate but as well for out costudents, individuals and the whole community.

Justification for implementation program

To reach out others to participate in our¬†program, meetings and presentation is¬†needed. First would be coordinating with thelocals of the area. Surveys are also needed to¬†determine the age bracket head count and¬†preferred meals and food of the children as¬†well the head count of parents‚Äô approval and¬†consent on the program. We also need the¬†‚Äėyes‚Äô signal of the majority of the people¬†including the officials and individuals to have it¬†as a legit program.

Comparison to Similar Projects

Our project is similar to DSWD, because like them we will feed the children who are undernourished. As far as we know, not all families are capable of providing the needed nutrition of a child. Moreover, the said kind of family has more than 3 children who lack nutrition. Like the government sector, are main purpose also is to reduce the number of malnourished children. Now most of the government sector has a bigger budget than ours, of course they have a specific fund from the National Budget. But similarly, our program, like DSWD’s programs, has enough budgets to feed our target number of head counts within the area.

Proposed Implementation

The members of the group will provide the¬†funding of this project that will happen at¬†barangay Sta. Lucia, San Juan City. We¬†coordinate with the Barangay officials for the¬†proper implementation. This project is a one day¬†program with a 20 ‚Äď 30 children ages 3-7 years¬†old. The children who will be joining this project is¬†the children who are undernourished. We decided¬†to serve them nutritious Sotanghon and Milk. If¬†there are changes or not we will teach their¬†parents to prepare the right and healthy food.

Our goal for this project is to keep children fed, so they are able to concentrate while at school and gain a better education, thus hopefully improving their chances at having a better future. With good nutrition the child is less likely to become ill as well.

To sustain our project we will be having a brief seminar with the aid of Parents’ association at the said Barangay. We will teach them how to prepare the right and nutritious food for their children. We are not a nutritionist but with the help of our professor, we can assure them that what we are going to tell them is from Nutritionist. Sir Yu is a Nutritionist, we ask him what are the right and healthy foods which increases the weight of the children.

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